Buki: Happy Supernatural Birthday Bro Emmanuel on KingsChat Web

Happy Supernatural Birthday Bro Emmanuel (AKA Dacapo)! It’s indeed 10years in 1 for you. God bless you for all your labor of love. Do enjoy the supernatural per seconds all the away.

Happy Supernatural Birthday Bro Emmanuel
Emmanuel Edili


Thank you so much sis Buki, I appreciate all the love, yes it has been truly 10 years in one and this coming year is greater. Merry Christmas!!

Alaba Ajorgbor


Happy birthday bro. Decapo. You are a blessing to our world!

May this season bring lots of comfort and love, showers of happiness and joy and may you enjoy the closeness of friends, love of family and peace of God. Merry Christmas from all us at Teleiose Contracting Limited.

I celebrate you sir #PEE2512

Updated his profile photo

An Answer to the questions of many You are. Happy Birthday my dear. I love you.

Merry Xmas to you all unto us Christ is born.

Merry Christmas Sir, I love you extra specially. 😍

Christmas Service.... Christmas is all about Me.. Monishelete

Glory to God. Thank you Father for counting me worthy (as the forth man) and trusting me with my life #pastorchris24dec #CEPTACentral #SAZONE 2 #SAREGION

Merry Christmas ma, thanks for making the Christmas beautiful for me. Do have a great day ma

It's Christmas ... The 4th person Telling the world about this liquidLove

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