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GlobalTemmy; U walk in Light as He is in the light. Look how God has beautified ur life and taking u steps ahead in glory and Honor🤑.Truly U can't be disadvantaged cos ur path shines brighter. Happy birthday Light! U are Ageless! Celebrate being happy always as ur custom is🤣

GlobalTemmy; U walk in Light GlobalTemmy; U walk in Light GlobalTemmy; U walk in Light GlobalTemmy; U walk in Light
Sister Glory


Happy birthday beloved 😘🤗

Did you know??? #PA0902 #BLWUKZoneA #Cplfc2019 #fireinyourbones

What he endured for my sake is beyond comprehension #PA0902 #BLWUKZoneA #Cplfc2019 #fireinyourbones

ACT 4- FROM THE 14 WAYS TO SHOW LOVE THIS SEASON AND EVEN AFTER! DONATE SCHOOL BOOKS TO A LOCAL COMMUNITY LIBRARY, COMMUNITY SCHOOL OR ORGANISE A BOOK CLUB📚 Access to books is critical for academic success. Even more important, books expose children to the world beyond their neighborhood, it feeds their imagination and changes their lives . Sadly, children living in poverty lack access to books. Their minds revolve around their current predicament and are unable to dream of the possibility of a better life. On behalf of #InnerCityMission , YOU can donate text books, story books to a community library, a community school easily accessible by these kids or better still, organise a Book club for indigent children around you. The first step to this, is to register as a volunteer by clicking this link ➡️ Do send details of your event (pictures and a brief report) to OR #EndChildpovertynow #EveryChildisyourChild #YearofLights

9, 2 more to go! #cplfc2019

SESSION DE DÉCLARATION #SESSIONDEDÉCLARATION 4 FÉVRIER. VEUILLEZ DIRE CES PAROLES À VOIX HAUTE. Cher Père céleste, je te remercie d'avoir reçu mon adoration, mes louanges et mes actions de grâce, en les sanctifiant par ton Esprit. Tu es magnifiée dans ma vie et ta gloire a augmenté dans ma vie. Merci pour ce mois de janvier exceptionnel et pour ta grâce qui me pilote dans le grand avenir que tu as pour moi. Merci pour l'honneur de mon inséparable union avec toi; Non seulement tu as fait de moi ton sanctuaire, mais je suis aussi devenu le transporteur et le distributeur de ta justice, de ta miséricorde, de ta bonté et de ta grâce. Je profite pleinement des bénédictions de mon unité avec toi, manifestant ta gloire, ta beauté et ta sagesse au nom de Jésus. Amen. #laparole#gloire#traindaffirmation#illumination#signessaison#habilation#leadership#lumières

LTM Networks welcomes all our Highly Esteemed Pastors and Partners to the Month of February - The Month of Walking In The Light. #LTMNetworks

I am here today because of him. #PA0902 #BLWUKZoneA #Cplfc2019 #fireinyourbones

Get ready Africa #Africa4Africa

I am dependable today bacause of him #PA0902 #BLWUKZoneA #Cplfc2019 #fireinyourbones

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