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Happy birthday to my darling excellent Sis Charis Oseghale. Your life is the manifestation of grace, special favour on humanity, perfection and excellence! This your new year is one of Alignment, Completeness, Excellence & Fruition! I love you daughter! #coo1002 #ceekpanreal

Happy birthday to my darling
Ebereiye zionitta


Happy Birthday

Pastor sir, the glory and hand of God is upon your life for an upward and forward match for God s army. Thanks for your exemplary action IJN AMEN

Never speak words that make Satan think he is winning.

Never speak words that make Satan think he is winning.

More pictures from Super Sunday of Perfection at CEMilton! #CEMilton #CECanada

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The Group B1 Leaders Rally titled “The Perfect Life Training” The rally kicked off on 7th February 2020, where delegates from across the Group gathered at the Group Church, opening with the Message of the Year by our Man of God, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome Strategic session on Soul Winning and discipleship followed where the Leaders were taught and inspired on getting involved on several Evangelism activities which was inspired by our man of God, emphasizing that this year 2020, there will be a great harvest. Concluding the 1st day of the rally, tremendous power was made in prayer and prophecies. The Group B1 Group Pastor concluding the meeting directed the congregants that their direction this year 2020 is NORTH! Day 2 Elevating to a higher realm, the rally started with structural planning sessions. We then went to have a Talkshow on Offices to use as key growth tools ( The Ministry Materials, Foundation School). The leaders had talk shows titled 'How my Cell so shined' and 'How my Chapter so shined'. The leaders were inspired and ready to march on and carry the work of God forward A special visitation by the Zonal Manager of the PFCC office shared on Cells and why the Gospel should be spread to everyone in our contact. Pastor Denford spoke on making an impact as Cell leaders he mentioned that "there's no magic formular to making an impact, its a deliberate thing that you just have to do" and he spoke on how being a leader is not only helping those you leading but more so its mostly helping you... It was an evening full of powerful and uplifting ministrations from our leaders and highly esteemed Group Coordinator, Pastor Bontle admonished us about why is it important to Advance Spiritually. She gave pointers saying: 1. To fulfil God's Dream 2. God delights in us 3. Perfection 4. Advance for the work of Ministry 5. More Joy,Peace and Fulfilment

I am ready are you ready ?

Christ Embassy Kitchener Super Sunday of Year of Perfection. Glory to God

Super Sunday at Kitchener the Church

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