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Happy birthday Pastor Karen,I celebrate this day with you. Thank you for your love for Christ,and thank you for always showing us love. I love you Mam. #PastorLove #Happybirthday #Sazone4

Happy birthday Pastor Karen,I celebrate Happy birthday Pastor Karen,I celebrate Happy birthday Pastor Karen,I celebrate

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#dhconfessions #divinehealthconfessions #healingtothenations

#dhconfessions #divinehealthconfessions #healingtothenations

UNDERSTAND THE TIMES (Get Into The Mind Of God Concerning You)  1 CHRONICLES 12:32 “Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command” “I just don’t know why this world is the way it is; it’s as though just anything happens these days.” “Why do you keep saying that, Sam?” Neil asked. “You already know you’re in charge of your life; get into the Word and discover that you’re different from the world. Stop with the confused talk.” Join the Christ Embassy Online Mission Yookos Community today 👇👇👇 Too many people, like Sam, don’t know the day in which they’re living. They live life blindly, thinking that all they see is all there is. The children of Issachar were, however, different. They had the understanding of the times and understood that there was more to life than what their physical eyes could see. There are times and seasons in the realm of the Spirit, just as there are times and seasons here on earth. If you miss God’s plan for you at the time it came, it just might take a while before that cycle comes again. It could even take as much as ten years or more before this happens. Thus, it’s so important to have understanding of the times. To have understanding of the times is to have insight into the mind of God, regarding a particular time in His heavenly calendar. For example, the Bible says that Daniel found out, while reading the book of the Prophet Jeremiah, that the time for Israel’s deliverance from bondage had come (Daniel 9:1-20). That’s why he began to pray for Israel, as soon as he discovered this truth. In other words, even though the time for Israel’s deliverance had come, they were still in captivity, and so Daniel had to intercede. Don’t live your life saying, “Whatever will be will be”; rather, fill your heart with the Word, for it’s only through your knowledge of the Word that the Holy Spirit can open your mind to the realm of the Spirit and give you insight into God’s plans and purposes (John 16:13). PRAYER FOR YOU Father, I thank you for the wisdom that comes to me through your Word. May that wisdom fill me and cause me to walk in your will for my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Help spread God's word around the world via Online by sharing this Post.

Wow😍 Wow😍 Wow😍 It's Christmas in November,We are Celebrating 1 of God's General An ICON of Beauty,Love personified.The Highly Esteemed Pastor VICTOR UBA. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR SIR, thanks a million Sir for impacting our lives. We love you dearly sir.🎂🎂💐💐🎉🎉🌹🎊❤️

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What do you do with the waiting periods of life? Full video here: Kindly Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe. Please click the notification bell🙏 THINKTANKWITHLAURECHE #58 #addingvalue #makingimpact

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#RealityCheck God is not so concerned about you getting material things, he can give you all that and more in a heartbeat; what he's more concerned about is what you've done with the love and the life that he's given you. How much of his light in you is shining on others? Success is neither about money or how popular you're in society, rather it's the ability to put that which the Lord has given you to work so that others may benefit through your light. There're people who doesn't even know God loves them; share with them the love of God that you've experienced, wake up and become someone that brings positive change.

MY DAILY CONFESSIONS Monday CALLED TO PROSPER. As Jesus is, so am I; I’m one with Him! In Him, I live, and move and have my being. I have His righteousness, life, and nature in me. I’m the effulgence of His glory and the express image of His person. Therefore, I think, act, and live as His perfect representation in this world. I’m a new creature, called to inherit a blessing, empowered to prosper in everything I do! There’s no dryness, stagnation, lack or unproductivity in my life, for I’ve been chosen and ordained for a life of praise, joy, excellence, victory and glory in Christ Jesus. I’ve become the conveyor of God’s blessings, and the effulgence of His glory. Hallelujah! Download the CeTunes mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple App store, "007'' as reference code to enjoy unrestricted access to 250+ Radio stations on the LoveWorld Radio networks. Android iOS Kindly reshare! #saythiswithme

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