constance nhendo: ##mydeclaration more labourers are coming on KingsChat Web

##mydeclaration more labourers are coming into the glorious harvest. The work of the ministry is becoming so easy in Jesus name.

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#Mydeclaration: Thank you precious Holy Spirit we receive more and more labourers into the glorious end time harvest, the glorious have free course and is glorified in every city, in every nation in the name of Jesus Christ

#mydeclaration.Holy you are .more laborers into your house oh Lord ,not by might nor by power but by your Spirit.Thank you Lord Jesus .Amen.

#prayingnow #zambia

#prayingnow #Canada

#prayingnow #mydeclarations - The gospel is spreading all over the world unhindered, and more labourers are added to the work. #Botswana

#Praying now#South Africa.I declare that more labourers will be added and the gospel take a free cause in every nation.

#mydeclaration All our churches will have overflows resulting from the month of prayer.

#prayingnow #Switzerland #mydeclaration Everything is prepared, God makes a feast with the labourers

#Mydeclaration I declare that our current members wake up to the reality that they are harvesters and Through us the Lord is bringing in more harvesters!!!

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