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#Mydeclaration I declare that nations will come to my light and kings to the brightness of my rising. Hallelujah!!!!!

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#mydeclaration Elizabeth and my lineage as we pray our eyes are open to see in the realm of the spirit n we r effecting changes

I receive my miracles#mydeclaration

I declare I am a solution to many!#mydeclaration

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Me and all them that the lord has sent me to are for signs and wonders #mydeclaration

I and my family enjoy Supernatural Supply, Favour and Super Abundance. No semblance of lack. We have all that we require. #mydeclaration

Quand je parle c'est Dieu qui parle! Cette année j'accomplie d grande choses, qui n'ont pas encore été accompli ! #Mydeclaration

My life is for the Glory of God..Investors are locating me from all over the world.#my declaration

# my declaration The name of God is named upon me. Kings shall come to my risen and my gate shall be called praise

Christ is formed in me! Am the effulgence of His love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, dominion, power, honor and glory! #Mydeclaration

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