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Loveworld UK Zone 4 2nd Quarter Foundation School Graduation Ceremony - 24th July 2021 #2QFSGraduation #UKZN4

 Loveworld UK Zone 4  Loveworld UK Zone 4  Loveworld UK Zone 4
Frank Alan


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Happy birthday our Highly Esteemed CMD...

3rd Quarter teachers summit with our esteemed director of LWCM. We are grateful for such great insight and inspiration for the end time mindset to prepare our children to meet the Lord and so much more #loveworldchildrensministry #childrenschurchrocks #usar1z2

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💢 #SpecialAlert - #ReminderAlert: ✅ CHURCH MINISTRY MANDATE 25,000 🛑 The Count up is on to 1st August 2021 as we graduate 25,000 New Church Ministry Leaders across the zone. Praise God forevermore!! #CeAccraGhanaZone #Mandate25000

💠PROCLAMATION TIME!!! DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS💠 #SAYITOUTLOUD 🗣️#24THJULY2021 #dhconfessions #healingtothenations #CESAZone1

Counting up🔥 #cmdph29 #blwzonec #blwgroup2

Counting up🔥 #cmdph29 #blwzonec #blwgroup2

Counting up🔥 #cmdph29 #blwzonec #blwgroup2

Counting up🔥 #cmdph29 #blwzonec #blwgroup2

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