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8 DAYS OF GLORY: More inspiring excerpts from the Esteemed Pastor T. T. Edun's teaching at Day 2 of "8 Days of Glory" "In these 8 Days of Glory, God is opening a door for you to design what the next 5 years will be for you. Genesis 15:1 There is a seed for every harvest. Not every seed can get every harvest. You can tell what you would be harvesting in 5 years time when you sow today.  If a man is going to sow, he has to sow according to what he wants to reap. A lot of people sow according to what they have. No! Sow with your targets in mind. Sow according to what you desire. When you sow, you would  either get a 30-fold, a 60-fold or an 100-fold. Through the wisdom of God, you can be guided through the things that you don't even know about. Genesis 28:1-14. Don't leave your life to chance. The child of God is never supposed to struggle. Proverbs 2:9 Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine. This is one of God's principles.  This is the way that your barns would be filled with plenty. Without the firstfruits,  there will be no new wine.The wine press would be blocked. No new jobs or  businesses would be coming and no new grounds would be covered. How much do you spend on yourself?  This will let you know whether or not you have made an idol of yourself. Genesis 30:37-43  Remember this: A simple idea that God will bring to you is what will change your life.


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Happy Birthday daddy, Pastor Siviwe of the most high God, the blessed, my life coach, my mentor. Love you sir!

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Happy birthday P. Pirian. still greater days ahead. I celebrate who you are. A woman of faith. Always smiling. I love u👑#ewcavz4#cebonaberi

Evil prevails when good men do nothing Rev Chris Oyakhilome DS.DD.

any, out of ignorance, treat the Bible like any other book. They say, “Inspired men wrote the Bible.....that's not true bro

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RHAPSODY OF REALITIES Tuesday 2, August 2016 The Bible is God's Testimony - 2 Peter 1:21 ..The Bible is a revelation; a compilation of the out-breathings of God; it’s God’s revelation given in words. Yes, it contains history, poetry, prophecy and so on; but these are all according to the Spirit of God and from His perspective. You’ll find in the Bible what God said; what angels said; what Satan said; what demons said; what prophets said; what men and women said, and what even an ass said. But they’re all God’s testimony of what they said. Therefore, when we say the Bible is God’s Word, it’s true, because it contains the testimony of God. ...In Christianity, we believe and affirm that the Bible is God’s authentic declaration of Himself, of His works, of His plans and purposes, and of His views. Anyone who doesn’t believe this isn’t a Christian... Find out more from today's article

Happening on the 13th August 2016, Future Africa Leaders' Conference Mozambique. Click on images below for more details. #FALA # CESAZONE3

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