Odiri Odike: Odiri odike, am making a on KingsChat Web

Odiri odike, am making a change in my family and entire nations, i poses my posetion in UST law faculty, #mydecleration

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I affirm that I'm born again and I'm enjoying my inheritance in Christ Jesus #mydeclaration

Am a success &a Victor. Glorious things are spoken of me. Am Infused with might &supernatural abilities I have the Zoe life. #mydeclaration

I declare that I receive new tongues as I fellowship with the Holy Spirit and that my spiritual hunger is satisfied. #ChildOfTheHolyGhost!

#my I am marriage I ma making progress in financial in My family in Jobs an every that consommé

I'm super-intelligent; God has anointed my mind, therefore, I have an extraordinary amplitude of comprehension....#MyDeclaration

#Mydeclaration The Lord is my shepherd, therefore i shall never be in want, i have access to every country in the world,

I have overcome this world and it's system. I grow and make progress by the power of the spirit! #mydeclaration

My life is supernatural I accomplished my goals this year and the church is matching on

#mydeclaration I am a succès the wisdom of God is at work in me I can Never fail in life I am making progress supernaturally...... GLORYY!!

You have made a way for me,You have opened doors for me that no man can shut. You have garnished my life by Your Spirit. #mydeclaration

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