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Joy of the lord is my strength I live from inside out #HomecomingAccra #CeAccraGhanaZone #prophecy #flourishing

Joy of the lord is

Happy Wedding anniversary to a lovely couple. Keep flourishing in the court of the Lord!!! We love you dearly.

Happy birthday to our highly esteemed and excellently favoured Dcns Keamogetsr

4 days to go i can't keep calm #peecee2502

luxuriant growth #iflourish #cegweru #cesazone5

Happy birthday Brother Henry Andrew is your year of flourishing you will grow effortlessly thank you for all you do in the ministry.

Hbd SIs Kate thank you so much for all that u do and for the gospel. I luv u ma

#prophecy I've heaven as my inheritance & uttermost parts of the earth for possession because i am seed of Abraham & all things are mine.

We are Teens Ministry Gaborone 2 #iamTMB

It's still our month of Prophecy, let's do a quick quizz to refresh our memory on the Theme of the Month. 1- Name the Bible portions and from what translations our Man of God, Pastor Chris quoted as he declared the Theme of the Month. 2-What is Prophecy according to Pastor as he explained more on the theme of the month? 3-How do you receive the gift of Prophecy according to Pastor? 4-What is the major requirement to Prophecy? 5-Mention 3 important ways according to Pastor on how to get the major requirement you need to Prophesy. Drop your answers in the comment box and remember to like and share to others. There is a special gift for the first 3 correct answers. #iflourish #iprophesy #cephzone2

Tuesday 21st February 2017 SAY THIS WITH ME... I thank you, blessed Father, for your mighty hand that's upon me to walk in your perfect will all the time. I live to fulfil your dream and purpose for my life, to the glory and praise of your Name. Your Word prospers in me today, and always, in Jesus' Name. Amen. #Prophecy #ConfessionsWithBLWIntlUK #DailyConfessions #YearOfFlourishing _____________________________________ #BLWIntlUK Follow the BLW UK International Office SuperUser account on KingsChat.

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