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Luke 17:12 - 19 Luke 7:36 - 48 1 Kings 3:3 - 5 One thing worth always remembering is this: God will always respond favourably to whatever you deliberately do to Him because He is your God. Many people, in fact most people, do not remember to relate to Christ, deliberately, with recognition of Him as their "Deity". They call Him Lord. They call Him God. They call Him creator. But, unfortunately, they are not conscious of Him as their "Deity". A deity is a supernatural being WORSHIPPED as the CONTROLLING AUTHORITY of some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the PERSONIFICATION of a force. Jesus Christ is THE SUPERNATURAL BEING who controls ALL aspects of life and is the PERSONIFICATION of THE ultimate force. To recognise Jesus as your "Deity" is to deliberately set times and periods of WORSHIP and THANKSGIVING to Him. The people of the world dress up specially and take gifts, sacrifices and offerings to worship deities etc But these are all dead, powerless deities. The evil spirits behind these deities are mobilised by these worship. Dearly beloved and esteemed brethren. What about you the Christian? Do you worship the Highest Power of all, Jesus Christ, deliberately because of His Lordship over ALL? Jesus Christ responds favourably to our Worship and Thanksgiving all the time. December 17th has been set apart and consecrated as the day that we will Worship, Thank and Serve our Lord Jesus Christ deliberately as our God. On that day, dress brightly, gaily and gorgeously in the best fashion that you own. Dress your best and come and thank Him. Come with the best Thanksgiving gift to your "Deity": Jesus Christ. Very importantly, go, along with friends. You must not go alone. Jesus Christ will respond favourably to your public declaration of Him as your God and your Lord. Read also 2 Samuel 6:11 - 23. God bless you. #BLW #HolyNation #Thanksgiving2017 #Yearofflourishing

Luke 17:12 - 19 Luke

Blessed to be a blessing #ippcinyourcity#ukzone2

With the gracious sister Madalena #ippcinyourcity#ukzone2


#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN SUNDAY 17TH DECEMBER 2017. I affirm that the Father has granted me insight into His workings in my day, and has made me relevant and effective in establishing His perfect will in the earth. My passion for the Gospel is fueled more than ever before, and I committed to my calling and assignment; to ensure that God's righteousness is established in the hearts of men, all around the world. I am strengthened in my inner man and my youth is renewed as the eagle’s. I refuse to get old in my mind; rather, I open my heart and mind to fresh ideas from the Spirit of God. Nothing can stop me, for I am daily vitalized and refreshed through the Word. Nothing is impossible with me because I hail from above. All the forces of life and nature are at my disposal, they work together for my good because I’m the King’s kid. I am conscious of my heavenly heritage and walk in the light of who I am; an associate of the God-kind! Glory to God! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 #MonthOfBenediction #FollowPastorChris #CEBVZ

Am thanking God for the Awesome Brethren ....in Cameroon... & EWCAvz4 as a whole...I love you by default... #thanksgivingCEDouala #ewcavz4


HWA Dear Sis Eyoanwan & Bro Saviour Peter! Increase Ability has been granted you by the Spirit to be a Super blessing to your world #CRVZ 💖

Here’s the special performance for them in honor of our Man of God. Kept asking for more! #CETXMedia #iExcel #VanguardCell #Dec7 #Offer7

The Lord has established us. We are giving thanks for a glorious year of flourishing at #blwneu #blwcyprus #blwcampusministryrocks

It's thanksgiving I have so much to thank the Lord for... Oghene Migwor... Thank you Lord for loving me so much.

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