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#PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #ZoneA2 #Masha

 #PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #ZoneA2  #PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #ZoneA2

#PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #ZE3

'Shark Tank' star Barbara Corcoran confirms she got back the money that was stolen from her in an email scam Things have worked out for “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran after she was the victim of an email phishing scam. http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/entertainment/~3/TO-9fDwIL5Y/shark-tank-barbara-corcoran-got-back-money-email-scam

Britney Spears bares cleavage in steamy photo shoot with boyfriend Sam Asghari Britney Spears left little to the imagination when declaring her love for her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, in honor of his upcoming birthday. http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/entertainment/~3/QR7DxY3KL2o/britney-spears-cleavage-photoshoot-boyfriend-sam-asghari

Paulina Porizkova shares poem that describes 'dissolution' of her marriage to late husband Ric Ocasek Model Paulina Porizkova shared a touching poem on her Instagram that she feels describes the “dissolution” of her marriage to late musician Ric Ocasek. http://feeds.foxnews.com/~r/foxnews/entertainment/~3/4n1OFEgWFpY/paulina-porizkova-poem-dissolution-marriage-ric-ocasek

LeBron has approached this Lakers season differently He's fully supporting the coach, fully supporting the front office, completely invested in the success of a teammate and going all out since the start of the season. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/page/beatsow28825669/lebron-james-approached-los-angeles-lakers-season-differently

HBD of Perfection dear Pst Ekele, What an honour to celebrate your uniqueness! You are a bright light that shines for all to see, your boldness, prayers and faith make the work easy. The Lord has greatly increased your influence and affluence👏👏 I love and celebrate 🎉 you.

#PEU33 #PastorEkele #TheHavenNation #ZE3

Congrats Dear Pst Joseph on the successful hosting of 2 Day of Glory Dubai and happy perfect birthday. You've been a very dear and precious brother and friend. You've been very inspiring. I love you Bro

Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ekele Sir! What a day to celebrate an icon and a strong pillar in God’s house! You are visionary, humble and loving towards us all! Your life is an unending stream of the miraculous. Thank you for being exemplary! Greater glory Sir #PEU #HavenZoneE3

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