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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo
Bro Yaone



Updated her profile photo

The Grace of God is working for me mightly

Thank you for allowing your family to embrace me and my family as family. We are truly grateful Sir. Happy Birthday Sir. We Love You Sir.

#Lpcghana2018 #Ceaccraghanazone #Cemadina

CLEANING YOUR EAR The purpose of earwax is to protect your ears. It has both antifungal and antibacterial properties to help prevent infection. Over-cleaning can remove that protection. Sticking objects in your ear canal to clean it (or to scratch an itch) often makes matters worse. You'll likely just push the wax farther in. And that can lead to earwax buildup. Itchiness is often a symptom of wax buildup. Most do not need to clean the ears at all. Earwax generally comes out of the ear canal on its own. Often washed off when we bathe. What to do: Use ear drops to break up the wax, but don't try to clean out the ear canal with anything else. See an ENT (Ear, Nose and throat) doctor if the drops aren't effective.

"No matter what you're going through, you can Praise Him, you can honour Him because He deserves our worship, praise, adoration!" Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Watch Your LoveWorld Program with Pastor Chris now on : https://bit.ly/2Qj6t8s

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A news level of fresh grace to impact lives has been released, warri city and it's region are in for a great harvest

Ghana will never be the same after 3 days with the Anointing and the word glory #LPCGhanawithpstchris #cedandomanmain #ceaccraghanazone

i am my father's daughter

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