Dr. Bongi Ngema-Zuma: 7 Dec - Year-end get on KingsChat Web

7 Dec - Year-end get together BNZ Foundation Team KZN Diabetes can be managed through healthy diet and exercise. Key is knowledge. That is where we step in as BNZ Foundation. Knowledge sharing coupled with screening and testing. #ScreentopreventY2Diabetes #AdoptHealtyLifestyle

7 Dec - Year-end get 7 Dec - Year-end get 7 Dec - Year-end get 7 Dec - Year-end get 7 Dec - Year-end get
Gov Nomvula Gcaleka (ZE2,SZ6)


Beautiful Ma😍🙌

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma #Pstmarilynrocks #PMO1512 #ceedjebagroup #warriministrycentre

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#LWSouthampton #Christmasparty2019 #UKZone2much #happypeople

THANK YOU PASTOR MA, FOR LEADING US IN PERPETUAL VICTORY PARADE! WE LOVE YOU #Pstmarilynrocks #PMO1512 #ceedjebagroup #warriministrycentre

Happy Birthday to our super star No1. #Pstmarilynrocks #PMO1512 #ceedjebagroup #warriministrycentre

It’s that time to show that your light is shining. Arise Shine for the light has come upon thee!!!! Come join us on the in BUCKINGHAM on 22nd of December. See you there‼️ # UKZONE2 #NORTHAMPTON GROUP # BUCKINGHAM

Wow!! A Big Happy Birthday to my Beautiful,Swaggilous,Holy Ghost filled Pastor ma.U're love personified.Your Passion 2wards d things of God is iscautious!Thank U so much for saying YES to God.On behalf of my family, say We love U.Congratulations Ma # PastorMarilynrocks # PMO1512

لحول ابو عزوز تعبني

Thank you precious Father for your love shed abroad mu heart. Thank you for reproducing yourself in me. Thank you for divine health. Thank you for my family and friends. #blessingsinthanksgiving #countingmyblessings

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