Blanche Mbony: If u want 2 partner on KingsChat Web

If u want 2 partner in hundreds of millions speak tongues of that amount. The #ewcavz4 Zonal Service was awesome. I'm increasing my tongues

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updated his profile photo

I learnt not to fill my future with activities that are not productive. No procrastinations! I Stand &do what I must Do Now! #5daysofglory √

Thank you so much sir for being an inspiration to me in the work of the ministry. I love you sir. Happy birthday. #BLWZONED

LUXURIANT GROWTH CONFERENCE! what a life changing experience at upper erejuwa viewing centre... "kpakam"! #cewarrizone

LG conference! The very place to be! Thank you so much pastor sir for feeding and directing is to FLOURISHING! #CEWARRIZONE

Wow!! #cesapele #SS1VZ1

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