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📣📣 Happening live Now..... 2nd Service 👉 EASTER SPECIAL SERVICE WITH PASTOR UCHE The Esteemed Zonal Pastor ,Pastor Uche teaching on the resurrection of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and the glory that should follow which we demonstrate daily.. #spreadingpastoruche #katalambano #easterservice #loveworldukzone4 #ukzone4 #lwccm #sundayservice

 📣📣 Happening live Now.....  📣📣 Happening live Now.....  📣📣 Happening live Now.....  📣📣 Happening live Now.....  📣📣 Happening live Now.....
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Happy Easter #TTBE #BLWNottingham #BLWUKZoneA #BLWCampusMinistryRocks

Healing everywhere #ceetete #cebeninzone1

Healing everywhere #ceetete #cebeninzone1

Healing everywhere #ceetete #cebeninzone1

PHOTO HIGHLIGHTS 📸 📸 🔥🔥 Elsie Olayemi and the Team Elsie minister to congregants a reggae worship song, "The Hallelujah chorus". #cebeninzone1 #EasterSunday21

#pst. I.B teaching #siluko1 #midwestzone #Easter Sunday service

#CELZ5 #YourChurch #HappyEaster #HeisRisen

DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS 📢📢🗣🗣💃 4TH APRIL Kindly visit to download the Healing School Magazine April Edition. Join Spread Faith with the Healing to the Nations magazine to those in your world by sending them the above link. Thank you and God bless you.... #dhconfessions #healingstreams #healingtothenations #blwghanazonea #campusministryrocks #ouryearofpreparation Kindly follow our superuser page @blwghanazone for ministry updates

Happy Birthday Esteemed Bro Jackson Nganga.Thank you so much for your inspiring commitment to the spread of the Gospel through Radio. We Love you dearly #Loveworldradio

Easter Sunday Service with Pastor Eunice Message Excerpts! Romans 6:1-7 When you accept Christ, you are buried and resurrected with Him. You have been raised up into a newness of life; all things have become new. That same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in you. Where will sickness and disease be coming from when the resurrection power is at work in you? Your old man is crucified with Christ. Knowing this, henceforth, you should not serve sin. When you are faced with trials and temptations, you respond with: "henceforth, I am not subject to it". "He that is dead is free from sin." #prayingnow #ceabakaliki #eastersunday #service #pastorchris #rhapsodyofrealitirs #project1millioncopies

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