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You mean so much to us sir!!!! Our Phenomenal Super star!!!! We love and celebrate you sir

You mean so much to

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Happy birthday to the esteemed Pastor Ewaen. Thank you for all you do in our great Nation. Thank you for loving our highly esteemed X Factor so specially. You are greatly appreciated and celebrated. Happy birthday.

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The video below is the testimony of Sis Melvis Ajie a member of Christ Embassy Bonny1 , cephzone2, who recieved a miracle from Pastor's ministration during yesterday night's session of Your Loveworld With Pastor Chris.. Watch this! #cephzone2

Celebrating A Rhapsody Bible Partner Of Inestimable Value, Our Esteemed Pastor Ewaen Edun We appreciate your unwavering commitment to the Bible mandate. We Love You Dearly! Happy Birthday!

Task for Day 6 Achieved👇 I created an event and watched the message for today on the 10 Days Refresher Study on Perfection #kccsmw2020d6 #celagoszone2 #d6 #Day6 #watchonpcdltv

Happy birthday to God's general, a trail blazer, world changer, proof producer. I love you Pastor Sir. #abujaministrycentre #amc #airportroadgroup #celugbefha2 #happybirthday

Day 9 of 10 - Refresher Study on Perfection 💥Don't train yourself to do things in the wrong direction. 💥Train yourself to do what you were taught to do. 💥Make an effort to over power the desire to go in the wrong direction #kccsmwd6 #kccsmw2020 #Watchonpcdltv #UKR2Z1

Happy birthday sir! It's a great privilege to celebrate an amazing gift to humanity,a trail blazer par excellence, a great coach and molder of champions, a true father and genuine lover of God.Thank you for your unflinching commitment to the swift spread of the gospel.Luv u sir!

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