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#nobsintheair #nobswithpastortt #nightofblisssapele #nobs Unstoppable,unshakable,unbreakable highly indomitable program of the year Glory!

#nobsintheair #nobswithpastortt #nightofblisssapel

Big Congratulations to my special people! May God bless your Union beyond your deepest imaginations!

Happy birthday sir, My great Rabbi #Peecee2502

Happy Birthday Pastor. You have been an awesome inspiration and a huge blessing to me...and a great light to multitudes! I love you, always!

Always aspire to go higher! #flourishing

Fijne verjaardag meneer. Hartelijk dank voor alles wat je doet voor de Heer en voor het houden van mij speciaal. Ik vier u Sir!

Congratulations dearest Bro Kelvin & Sis Funke. Ur union would be an immense blessing to the body of Christ!

A great happy birthday to this vibrant cell leader, whose cell is like a pcf. I luv u too much. Keep flourishing #blwzonea #blwfedpolyauchi

Precious Dearest Pastor, we celebrate u 2day 4 yr excellent personality, yr followership, yr ♥️ & dedication 2d Ministry. Keep flourishing!

Updated his profile photo

Can you dance or love dancing? Then be in ce ch5 @ adjomo Avenue bside delta palace hotel along airport rd by 4pm 2day #cewarrizone

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