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*Happy Good Monday Morning!* With God's Word on your lips, you're set up for a life of unlimited possibilities and miracles. Keep saying it! It's a whole new, *funtastic* experience with the HS MOBILE 2.0 with you on the go! Download NOW @

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Worth celebrating always!! An excellent package of blessings.Happy birthday dear Doreen J!!! #Cemidwestzone

DIVINE HEALTH CONFESSIONS OCTOBER 19 The word of God is my source and sustenance. And through the word, my body is daily transformed. Hallelujah to listen to the audio podcast #Faithproclamations #Dhconfessiones #healingtothenations

Happy wedding anniversary to our highly esteemed Zonal Pastor. We celebrating today knowing the wonders God has wrought through this union.. #ceugbowogroup #cemidwestzone

Happy Wedding Anniversary Highly Esteemed Sir/Ma. Woahhhh,what a Joy and blessing to celebrate such a Union.We give God praise.It is from glory to greater glory. #HWA1019 #blessedunion #cemidwestzone #zonalfandp #cemodelteens #cemegagroup

Happy wedding anniversary to the best dad and mom #Blessedunion #HWA1019 #Cemidwestzone #cesiluko

Glory to God! #dob #lwoxford #ukzn2 #ukzn2nmteam

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Words alone can't express how happy I am to have you as a father, teacher and pastor. I join the host of heaven today to celebrate a very special gift to the world you were born to rule, reign and dominate. Happy birthday Dad I love you


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