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Did you know that as a child of God, His glory is already in your life? Did you know that everytime you go to church or attend your group meetings, the glory on your life increases? Did you know that some Christians have more glory than others and that is dependent on how much of God's word they have in them? Did you know that the more you contemplate the glory of God, the more glorious you'd become? When next you go to church, know that one of the plans of the Holy Spirit is to make you even more glorious. Have a great service in church today! God bless you. .......culled from ROR NOV 2015

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chipo lilian kavhuru


Glory to God. I will never miss service for any reason

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Who said church is boring not In CE Rabie Ridge with @Pastor Tshepo

Faith convention day 2 #cewarrizone #cechurch5group #excelcell

What you do want to see? You have the ability and the power to create and make changes in your life.

I listned to this song and i was blessed! Download, meditate and share

I want to be there live with my pastor, pastor Samuel of True Gospel of Salvation ministrie. . . Thank you Jesus

Happy birthday you loads. Fam help celebrate my dad and say a prayer for him today

I have registered for Miracle, Healing and Impartation Service. HAVE YOU? #cebeninzone3 #mhis

What is the first thing you do when you are in trouble?


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