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♦️♦️Happening Now: The Glory of His Presence with Pastor Mike♦️♦️ Please like👍 and share 👍👍 #cehouston #cetxzone1 #cetxzone2 # tgohp

♦️♦️Happening Now: The Glory of ♦️♦️Happening Now: The Glory of ♦️♦️Happening Now: The Glory of ♦️♦️Happening Now: The Glory of

The Pastors and Coordinators in the zone received the word from the man of God as they watched the Pastor Chris' message Christ's Purpose in You ❤️ #EasterSunday21 #EasterZonalConvention #BLWUKZONEB #AnythingIsPossible

CELEBRATING AN ICON OF GRACE AND PERFECTION! Today we celebrate you on this special occasion of your birthday. A rare gem you are to us; an epitome of grace - God’s quintessential lady! Thank you for being God's gift of blessing to us in the zone, the ministry and the body of Christ. Thank you for your liquid love that flows effortlessly to impact the world for Jesus. Thank you for your indefatigable passion for the Lord and always guiding us on the course we must follow. Thank you for your inspirational leadership and unequivocal commitment to championing excellence in all that we do. Thank you for being an undeniable protagonist and helper of the war in propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in these last days; a daughter of consolation to our great man of God. We see you as you lead and guide us by example, and we follow wholeheartedly till the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He that has began this good work in you will surely perfect it until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your testimony is from faith to faith, grace to grace and glory to glory! We love and appreciate you dearly! Happy Birthday dear Highly Esteemed Pastor Ma!!! From all of us @ Christ Embassy, Folkestone. #PEA030421 #CEFOLKESTONE #UKR2Z3 #THELOVEZONE

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Time of rapturous worship with the Zonal Choir ✨👐 ✨ #EasterSunday21 #EasterZonalConvention #BLWUKZONEB #AnythingIsPossible

We started the Easter Zonal Convention with times of intense prayer and intercession for the campuses in the zone 🇬🇧 🙏 #EasterSunday21 #EasterZonalConvention #BLWUKZONEB #AnythingIsPossible

I have the DNA of God☺️ I am an inspirational and a motivational rapper, Singer, dancer and songwriter who's on God's side.

Inspiring Fellowship Quarterly Review Sessions 🎊 Iron sharpeneth iron 🙏 #EasterSunday21 #EasterZonalConvention #BLWUKZONEB #AnythingIsPossible

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Nanna. Thank you for all you do in Eastern Europe and in the kingdom. I love you.

The Word Session with our Esteemed Zonal Secretary where he laid the foundation for this glorious weekend 🌟 #EasterSunday21 #EasterZonalConvention #BLWUKZONEB #AnythingIsPossible

♦️♦️Happening Now: The Glory of His Presence with Pastor Mike♦️♦️ Please like👍 and share 👍👍 #cehouston #cetxzone1 #cetxzone2 #tgohp

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