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#CECANADA #Cesaskatoon

#CECANADA #Cesaskatoon #CECANADA #Cesaskatoon #CECANADA #Cesaskatoon #CECANADA #Cesaskatoon


Congratulations Cesaskatoon.

CE COTE D’IVOIRE CAROLS SERVICE ‘STREET CAROLS CARNIVAL’ 22nd DEC., 2019. A PICTORIAL REPORT- 3. ... God and man reconciled!. #ewcazone2 #cecotedivoire

CELEBRATING A PASSIONATE SOULWINNER AND AN ARDENT FOLLOWER OF THE MINISTRY'S VISION, OUR BELOVED BRO STANLEY UKWASOMA Happy birthday beloved Bro Stanley Ukwasoma, thank you for your passionate commitment to soulwinning and discipleship and the vibrancy you display at all times. Your results are a testament of your love for the Master. This new year of your life is not like any other, the Lord has launched you into higher levels of operation in your work with Him. Have the most excellent year and keep winning for the Lord. We love you so dearly. #CEAMC

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Marry Xmas from CE burundi

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HAPPENING NOW- TEENS PASTORS/COORDINATORS END OF THE YEAR PARTY Our Esteemed Zonal Pastor,Pastor Emeka Eze shared inspiring thoughts with all Teens Coordinators Present. We are ready for a glorious year 2020. #celagoszone2


Happy Birthday to my darling Kristel Wealth Enabulele.You are 2 years today & you've grown to be so wise smart & intelligent.The anointing of the Holy Spirit is mighty upon you. Daddy, Mummy, Tedcole and Benny loves you so much. God bless you for being a blessing to our family.

I have good treasures in me and I bring them forth through the word #100daysoffaithsproclamations #keepsayingit #pastorchrisgeneration #ceilorin1 #nncvz2

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