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Popcorns are normally fried in the same pot, in the same oil, at the same time and under the same heat conditions. But they do not all pop at the same time. When flood comes, fish eats ants and when flood recedes, ants eats fish. Only time matters. For making soap, oil is required. But to clean oil, soap is required. This is the irony of life. Everybody needs somebody at any point in time. Do not despise or treat anyone with scorn when they are excelling or failing than you. There is time for everything and for everyone. Have faith... It's our year of PREPARATION ...NEVER GIVE UP! #treatotherswell #lovepeople #makeothershappy #walkinlove #yearofpreparation

Popcorns are normally fried in

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Updated his profile photo

#TALKINGSESSION 16TH JANUARY. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Thank You, dear Father, for giving me a life of greatness and excellence; I make great things happen in my life and the lives of others, through the power of Your Word, and the ability of the Holy Spirit in me. As I study Your Word, I see my greatness and triumphant life! I go forth in Your wisdom to accomplish great things for Your Kingdom. The Gospel is my priority, and my heart is open to opportunities for its spread in my world and beyond. I declare that the hearts of men and women around the world be made ready to receive the message for their salvation. I am commissioned with the message of the Gospel of Christ, and the Word of righteousness is like fire, shut up in my bones! I am dispensing His light, and expressing the life and nature of Christ in my world! Therefore, darkness and all the activities of the evil one are dispelled in my world as I reflect God's glory everywhere! The ability of the Spirit has been granted me to preach the Gospel of Christ to the lost. Today, I declare a mighty harvest of souls as the Gospel is taught and preached around the world! God's Word prevails mightily in the hearts of the unconverted, destroying religious barriers and eliminating the wrong mindsets, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. β€’ Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we've got something to shout about. Let's flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #theyearofpreparation #wehavemoved #wordfest2 #preparation #wordfest2020 #talkingsession #rhemafortoday #8DOM #yourloveworld #thankyoupastorchris #affirmationtrain #8daysofmeditation

🎈🎈IT'S DAY 7 OF OUR 8 DAYS OF MEDITATION!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ πŸ›‘Today's Study: HE IS OUR WISDOM & WE ARE BUILDING HIS HOUSE!! Login through our Zonal Link to take today's Study at πŸ“From the 8DOM Manual, take the Study, Pray, Watch today's video clip, Meditate, Affirm and note down your action points... πŸ‘‰ For adults, click on the study curriculum for adults; πŸ‘‰ For children, parents and teachers should click on the study curriculum for kids. Also create your Avatars after your study and post on Kingschat with the relevant hashtags. #8DOM #2021TheYearofPreparationnowPCDL #8DaysofMeditation2021 #WatchOnPcdlTv #8DOMKiddiesEdition #TLB #CEBAYELSA #thelandofgrace #NSSZONE1

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Iam greatful to our Man of God for kingschat πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰

I walk in love everyday of my life.

I am helping to Build His House #studyingnow #8DOM #2021yearofpreparation #watchonpcdltv #get2021messageonpcdl #cesazone5 #cekuwadzana

Getting Ready for the Next Level, Soul Winners Boot Camp Day 2 begins 9AM Prepare to attend πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #SoulWinnersBootCamp #Day2MorningSession #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

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