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I am a Winner all the way. The Word of God dwells in me richly. I'm walking in the Supernatural. My family is Blessed

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Nobuhle Museka



Abilities is granted me to fulfill GOD'S plan for my life and to walk in the consciousness of who i am in CHRIST.

#mydeclaration I declare I'm mega rich. I'm a mega financier of d gospel. Financial resources gravitates towards me. I'm a financial magnet

I received supernatural strength& abilities of God to sponsor the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.I will not fail nor faulter #mydeclaration

Supernatural financial surply

I declare that the wisdom of God in me makes me function rightly at all time, I increase in abundance of grace and Gods glory daily Amen.

#MyDeclaration Greater is He that's in me, as I sing miracles are distributed! Signs and wonders are following! My lyrics are not ordinary!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has prevailed and the heart of men are open with the souls of men filling the church. #mydeclaration

#myprayerrequest to be a son of consolation in the body of Christ and to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth with everything in me

It's a NEW dawn in Nigeria, Glory! Nigeria has metamorphosed into d desire of all nations. We receive with thanks d BEAUTIFUL NEW Nigeria

My mouth shall speak glorious things continually, รจ Lord put wisdom in my mouth, thru my mouth he's building nations, a sure establishment!

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