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Wow our new generation's are great

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When the Holy Spirit came into your life, He didn't come in a form that is less than God; for He is Himself God, tabernacled in you. Haaaa!!!! #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting

Righteous happy birthday Righteousnaire Brother Ian #RighteousnessOwnsTheWorld #lwsazone #groupc #Durban #KZN

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What a Joy I had at Healing school canada service, God showed up!choir was excellent!

What's the point of acceleration if you are going the wrong way? Our Esteemed Zonal Pastor Tony Aduroja expounded on how we are to minister to the Lord; he explained how this gives us Direction for our lives👉 #AcceleratedMetamorphosis 🔥 #BLWGreenwich #EssexGroup #UKzone2

Happy Birthday Dear BossMi. You are Great!!!

Happy Birthday Ashley-Chelsea! You are a city set on the Hill, never to be hid. Glorious things are spoken of you. U run thru troops and leap over every wall by Your God! The abundance of the sea is daily converted to you, you are clothed with glory & favor. Hallelujah! #Lifted!

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