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Hallelujah, Iam guided always by the Holy Spirit. I am focused always. My spiritual antenna is always alert to the voice of God. Oh yes am on the right course for iam directed by the Lord always!!!! #prayerhourwithpastorruth #monthofdirection #cesazone5 #cenorton1

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#PrayerWithPastorRuth #cesazone5 #cebudiriro2

Being directed, guided, instructed and focused of the Holy Ghost. Moving by the speed of the Spirit in the way that I must go. Taking possession of of all that belongs to me. Yeah! My life is surely made up. I love you Mum. #PrayingwithPastorRuth@3 #CESAZone5-Masvingo

Thank you Pastor Ruth for the opportunity to pray with you during the 3am prayer session. I life can never remain the same but am growing from glory

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If God is for us, no evil can stand against us. We have possessed that which was hidden from us. What the Lord has given no man can add or subtract. #PrayerHourWithPastorRuth #MyMonthofDirection

I'm guided into my possession this month of April, even the hidden treasures. Glory to God #PrayerHourWithPastorRuth #Cesazone5 #CeRusape

IM RECEIVING GUIDANCE Iam in a very special time, and God is going to be giving me guidance, counsel, focus... And i'll have easy rides inspite of the challenges i may face. I'M GUIDED #PrayerWithPastorRuth #cesazone5 #cebudiriro2


Thank you so much Pastor Ma for the opportunity to pray with you ..Am refreshed..i love you dearly #PrayerhourwithPastorRuth #cesazone5 #cebulawayo


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