John Honour: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Congratulations to Sis Jessica Onubogu on your graduation. We are so proud of you and we love you.

I Am Light✨#Lighting up beauties@hoshworld🌍

Happy Birthday Sister Isis. Thank you for always being kind, and for having an amazing personality. God's grace is mightily working in your life and you're marvellously helped of God. Thank you for being a blessing to us in #CESCARBOROUGH . I love you #CESCARBOROUGHGROUP


The fullness of the God-Head dwells in me bodily. There is no space or allowance for anything else. I am healthy, strong, bold and courageous in my daily walk of faith. My words are quick, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. With my words, I cut down, cut out, and cut off anything that is contrary to the provisions of God’s kingdom! Praise the Lord!

Updated her profile photo

If you sow as a seed something you do not need you will reap a harvest of something you cannot use. Mind what you sow.

At the beginning of this month, after declaring it The Month OF BLESSINGS IN THANKSGIVING, our man of God instructed us to lavishly and openly express gratitude to God for the glorious year of LIGHTS. He asked that we post our testimonies on kingschat and other platforms using #monthofblessingsinthanksgiving #countingmyblessings #givingthankstotheLord. This is a great time to share your testimonies od you haven't done so already. Visit the Pastor Chris Digital Library App to listen to the message GIVING THANKS to further understand the importance of THANKSGIVING and why we must do it. #loveworldmediavideos #PCDL

LW International Day of Service!! Pastor Sir, We love you! We donated blood ..healed the sick etc in commemoration of our dear man of God

PROVOKE TO PERMEATE YOUR CITY!!!!! Sign up to Sponsor the December 31st Global Service Transmission Check Flyer for details #cetunes #newyeareve #31stEveService #ltm #lwr #loveworldtelevision #loveworldradio #SignupToSponsor

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