Pastor Kamso: Indeed, it's a joy to on KingsChat Web

Indeed, it's a joy to have you Ma. We love you Happy birthday #betseudi2018

Indeed, it's a joy to

We Love You Sir. #mcc4cisagoal #mcc4citsagoal #itsagoal

A blessing to our generation #betseudi2018

Receiving Dr Morris Cerullo in Lagos, and having a great time of fellowship and blessing. Dr Cerullo has impacted the world with an extraordinary miracle ministry of the gospel for over 70 years.

#mcc4cisagoal #mcc4citsagoal #itsagoal

YOUR RHAPSODY TODAY Topic: Speak “Spirit Words” Thursday, May 31st. Pastor Chris. Not many people realize that life is indeed, spiritual. The physical world in which we live isn’t all there is; it’s in fact controlled from the spirit world. All around us in this physical world are angels, but you can’t see them with your physical eyes; you have to pass over into the realm of the spirit to see them. Now, the point of all that is this: everything God says to us is real in the realm of the spirit, but to make them real in your life, you have to speak them forth. The Word of God is activated by your words. Your words are “spirit words”; when you speak, you connect to the spirit realm. Your words are the connection between the earth realm and the spirit realm. Every time you speak, whatever you say is real in the realm of the spirit. Read the full article on #YourRhapsodyToday #CRVZ

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you for your unwavering Partnership and commitment with the Television Ministry of our Man of God. We love you Sir #LTM #LWR

Today I join the host of haven as we celebrate the birth of God's own perculier person the seed of Abraham anointed to do great things in this year of The Supernatural. U a Favoured .U a a blessing in the Kingdom of God.Yo dedication in the work of the ministry is amazing. H/B

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