Today With Pastor Yemisi: Happy Birthday dear Pastor Siji, on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Siji, I celebrate your glorious, victorious and ever triumphant life. It’s a new level for you, with supernatural blessings overflowing, as you boldly take over new territories for our Lord Jesus Christ. I love you 💖 and appreciate your friendship in the gospel. 🤗

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Siji,

We are people of influence .#RORRUK2018

Happy Birthday Pastor Mbali.

Happy Birthday Ma. You are simply AMAZING #PASTORJOY425

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Joy. You are a blessing to all of us, especially my wife and I, we love you dearly.

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

You exhibit passion so passionate: we can't help but run with it. We have no option but to increase in it. Happy Birthday ma. #Pastorjoy425

#RORRUK2018 #LoveZone #ItsSupernatural #MonthOfInfluence #ceukvz2

Growing in age is not good enough but everyone should strive to grow in stature , in wisdom and in favor with God and favor with men.

Happy birthday to a lovely and dear friend. Dads son. I love you Pastor Siji.

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