Meavale Umu Auelua: Updated her profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Updated his profile photo

my family my brothers Olivier, William they are not born again really, my senior sister Christelle, my son Dan'Stephen, my mum Berthe Happi

Glimpse from Christ Embassy Chad at the 31st night service with our man of God. Supernatural Indeed! #CELZ1 #global31stservicewithpstchris

Imaralu Dickson Imaralu Gloria Imaralu Christopher Imaralu Franca Imaralu Kingsley Imaralu Evans Imaralu Endy Imaralu Faith

Bode Oriade( prosperity on the business) Emily Oriade Grace Oriade

Whether it is 10 years in 1 or 10 years for 1. I experience 10 folds, 1 year. 2019 is that year for me brother....katabayazibrundi!!!!

Egbonanre miracle Egbonanre joy Egbonanre Freida Egbonanre flourish Egbonanre Jessica Egbonanre Ose Egbonanre obehi Alohan phil,Ab,Becky

Matthew adizaJosephine Moses iyabor Monday akhaume edekin Moses ojo rashidat Friday Irene praise Emmanuel ohunene sani hafsat marvis queen

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