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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR QUINTESSENTIAL FATHER, TEACHER & MAN OF GOD  On this momentous day, our hands are raised high and our hearts filled with unfathomable gratitude to our Lord Jesus, for the gift of you Sir, to us, to the Body of the Christ and to the world.  Thank you sir for birthing us in the Word, and nurturing us in the divine life. With all of Heaven and Earth today, we are besides ourselves with thanksgiving and shouts of joy as we salute and celebrate your undeniable faith and enduring passion for the Gospel of our Lord Christ, that has borne a distinct generation of children of God and impacted the nations of the Earth in such a profound way.  Thank you sir for making the difference in our lives, in the lives and ministries of ministers of the Gospel, and in all nations of the world through your teaching of the Word and your awe-inspiring life of faith, hope and love. We are infinitely grateful to partake of your overwhelming grace and to be your offspring in Christ.  Happy Birthday Pastor!  We love and celebrate you today and always From the International School of Ministry  #PastorChis #ISM #Offer7 #Dec7



Princess Nkoyo


Happy birthday to my Pastor, Life Coach and Prophet. Some say you are a General but I choose to call you A FIELD MARSHALL the highest ranking in the Military. Thank you Sir for impacting my life, thank you for opening my eyes to the True Gospel, thank you for giving my life a sense of living. Mercie Mon Père. My profound gratitude Sir. Happy Birthday.

Marta Libura


We live you Pastor Chris from POLAND!!! Thank you for your heart and ministry for the while world 👑👑👑

Rev. Bright N. Albright


Today I Specially Celebrate My Spiritual Father! I Celebrate An Epitome Of Agape Love! Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD. Thank You So Much Sir For Building Me Up Through The Word Of God By Power Of The Holy Spirit! I Love, Honour And Appreciate You Sir!

Prophete Hounzangli Joseph André


DU MALI ! Joyeux Anniversaire mon Pasteur. Je béni le Seigneur pour tout ce qu'il fait à travers vous. Vous êtes un excellent cadeau de Dieu pour cette Génération. Nous t'aimons.

Wagstaff Ababio


Glorious blessing to the Apostle and the Prophet of this dispensation. Happy birthday, God's beloved🙏

Pastor. Dr. Yanick, MCS.


Happy Birthday Pastor Sir!!!

Prophet Atso Caleb


Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. Your life and teachings has forever changed my life. Words would fail me to express how grateful I am to be connected to you. Thank you for saying yes to your call. I am a product of your grace and teachings.

Eliav Hadriel-Glory


Hurray........ It's the 7th of December A great & special day to me The day God gave me His Man - my Teacher, Mentor, Father & Man of God. The father I soooooo passionately LOVE, an example of faith in God & His Word, my Role Model both in life and ministry It is the BIRTHDAY of my Father, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DAD, WORDS ARE LIMITED TO INSCRIBE YOU ON THE HEART OF TIME Hear this Sir, Both my family & ministry life are a continual SOARING HIGHER because 1. You ANSWERED THE CALL to save & transform lives & 2. I am connected to you & God's Grace upon your life and ministry From my family - The Hadriel-Glory Ministry - Hadriel Glory World Ministry Inc The Church - Altar of Faith Commission & the work of God in my hands I celebrate YOU & God's GIFT of you to the world & the Body of Christ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD MORE YEARS OF GOD'S GRACE I LOVE YOU

King Iphie


Happy birthday beloved Father

David Adewunmi


Amen! Happy birthday Sir! Thank you so much Sir for For saying yes to Jesus, I love you so much Sir. I know that the day you were born Sir, the angels celebrate in heaven that a General for the last day has been born. thank you very much Sir, that the liquid love of Jesus flow through you and down to us Sir, you such an inspiration to me and my family Sir, Thank again Sir, The Almighty Father bless you Sir. Happy birthday Sir

The HolyGhost Refreshing Ministry


Amen! Happy birthday Sir! 😇😇Heaven rejoices. 🇺🇸

🇨🇦CELEBRATING OUR DEAR MAN OF GOD🇨🇦 Happy Birthday Sir!!! #offer7 #cecanada #ceottawa

Happy birthday sir. I love you sir.

Happy Birthday Sir. Thank you for building us up on our most holy faith, for instructing us in righteousness and steering our course in victory especially in this year 2020. Thank you for the audacity of the spirit with which you boldly stand up for the church of Jesus Christ ❤

Celebrating a stardom. Happy birthday highly esteemed Pastor Chris. Thank you for teaching us the word of God in its purity. We are forever indepted to you and I salute you Sir. #Dec7PrayingforPastorChris. #WEZ4 #Germany

Updated her profile photo

Happy birthday Pastor. Thank you for your selfless love and endless sacrifices.

Happy birthday Pastor Sir #Dec7 #BLWSAZONEE

#Dec7 #EWCAZ4 #cerepublifofcongo Joyeux anniversaire Pasteur tellement des choses a dire a propos de vous. Vous etes le meilleur

Gloryyyyy! HBD DAD... #cephzone2 #cebonnygroup #cebonny1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pst Chris🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you for the outstanding leadership and teachings, sir! From sis Tendai: CE Cambridge CEUK -Zone3

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