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The eyes of my understanding are enlightened and my mind is renewed and elevated to think in line with the word. #mydeclaration

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Ubakala and it's environs have been delivered into our hands and the gospel according to BLW Nation is prevailing mightily #mydeclaration

I am well. Connected in the business and real estate world. I eat the good of the land. The works of my hands are blessed. #mydecleration

The breath of the Spirit is on everything that concerns me thus life, flourishing and abundance has come.#MYDECLARATION

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I am blessings to Gods house and I am walking in divine health all the days of my life.#mydeclaration

am walking in wisdom the wisdom of God is increasing in my life. am growing from strength to strength .

Yes I declare my relevance to the end-time bankrolling of this gospel of Jesus Christ. Whatsoever I do prospers #mydeclerations

I am who God says I am, I have all he says I have, I can do & will do all he says I can do. I'm fulling my God given destiny. #mydeclaration

I declare I am the first in all things, in these countries and in every land the hear me & produces, for dominion is yours saith the Lord.

I declare that I and my family dwell in the secret place of the most high. Our lives have been preserved. #mydeclaration

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