Dr. Bongi Ngema-Zuma: Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign. on KingsChat Web

Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign. BNZ Foundation using all media platforms to say "NO" diabetes is not a death sentence, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and diabetes can be managed with proper nutrition and exercise.

Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign. Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign. Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign. Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign. Family and diabetes #KnowYourNumber campaign.

I exercise my spirit, my soul and also my body. I love boxing.

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Keep fit, be strong!

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Happy Birthday Pastor ma ✨ Thank you for Investing in transforming peoples lives ❣️ We love you dearly #CEKemptonParkTeens #CESAZONE2

Welcome to Ippc 2018

YOU SHALL HAVE WHAT YOU SAY I read the story of a couple who lived in the mountains of Oklahoma city. The man's wife often thought about the possibility of bad guys prowling around their home. At least once a week she'd wake him up claiming that she heard a burglar downstairs. She'd stay on him until he'd go downstairs to check it out every time. This went on for years and years, finally one night she said," Get up! Get up!" someone's downstairs. He followed his routine just like he'd done a thousand times before, but this time he was met at the bottom of the stairs by a real burglar who put a very real gun to his head. "Don't make a sound the burglar said, just give me your valuables". The man did as he was told turning over his jewellery and cash. The burglar took the goods and was about to run off when the man stopped him and said," Hey wait a minute you can't go just yet, you need to come upstairs and meet my wife; she's been expecting you for 30 years!" Now don't be like this, always expect God's highest and best for your life. Expect His Grace and Favour to work for you in ever increasing measure. Don't get pressurized or talked into by temporary circumstances to seeing or having a different life. Talk yourself into seeing the unseen realms of positive possibilities. The BEST is yet to COME! We are FAITH TALKING, WALKING AND WORKING PEOPLE❤

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