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“We will experience the life we have the faith to experience.” #cebeninzone1thanksgiving #cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

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am sanctified by the Word of God

“Each day is a gift To embrace and welcome” #cebeninzone1thanksgiving #cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

Thanksgiving on my mind. It will be a sea of miracles. Thank God for a year of triumph.

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What do you store inside you #cebeninzone1thanksgiving#cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

#cebeninzone1thanksgiving #cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

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Be ye transform by the renewing of ur mind. #cebeninzone1thanksgiving #cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

“Could a body broken and blood spilled two thousand years ago restore my own damaged life?” #cebeninzone1thanksgiving

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