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Instruction is your life in 2017 - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd Simple instruction Life is not a mystery, it's simple instructions.... God is very simple in that we can miss him because we are expecting to see him in big things... simple things like dressing well before you go out... God can bless you for doing that... Life start with simple things...and not complex things... I don't deceive myself... Genesis 8:22 I do not deceive myself. ... I must plant during seed time... because if I plant I will always expect and receive good harvest.... Planning is a seed time Fasting is a seed time My preparation for harvest is my responds to instructions... The challenge of man is that man fight his own progress yet he want to do more... simple instructions When you spend time to hear God, you will not do it twice... you will do it once... You can't enter a taxi and tell the driver drive me everywhere. ... there is no place like everywhere. ... you must have a direction... where is your direction in 2017.... let the spirit of God lead you... He can guide you into abundance... He is the one that knows all things My 2017 is a success because in Him I live, in Him I move and in Him I have my Being... everything is in Him... He has everything in Him... my new car is in Him, my job is in Him... everything I need is in Him. We are practicing in him in 2017 In Him there is safety.... We live in a street that is called in Him... where there is light always, divine health etc Give not because of exchange. ... give because you want to beautify people's life and empower them... not like a transaction... Start a company now... don't wait for 2017 or any favorable condition... Business men... have a mentality that you are an Ocean.... Oceans are bigger than seas... think that you are an ocean... Don't let small things affect the big things that God want to do in your life. Learn to practice Dominion.... if you cannot sleep because you lost 1 million how will you do when you lost 1 billion... if you arrest your brother because he is owing you 100 dollar or Naira, how will you do if you are owed bigger amount... have a bigger mentality and a bigger mindset... God is big and God is able to do.... Faith, love and hope In 2017 don't live on hope... live on faith... When you don't function in all, what you see is fight... that is why we see fight in businesses... people fight over small things... In business don't ever think of cheating the other person because you have been circumcised.... don't say that this how the world do it... we are not of the world.... The race is not to the swift... we function from the position of grace and Mercy... It is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord... Arise! .....No more trouble at home, no more small small businesses, no more sicknesses at home Arise into something... arise... don't retire... arise... take up responsibilities. ... Arise... no more tenancy, no more trekking, no more borrowing, no more weaknesses, no more failures.. Arise 2 Samuel 23:8-16 Your name is already on the list All the contract list in 2017, your name is already on the list All the admission list in 2017, your name is already on the list... Hope you are fasting and praying? #CeAccraGhanaZone #Thanksgiving #PastorChrisLive

Instruction is your life in

My Pastor is My Direction #CelebratingAnIconPBL #CeAccraGhanaSone #CeSomanya

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Happy Birthday Bro Boniface, If your Increase there shall be no end, I love you !!!!!

...u are just 2 special 2 me and u know it.I celebrate a 'God inside woman'. Greater glory, greater grace is being manifested thru you ma.

Happy Birthday to sweetest Mame. Thank u 4 always caring 4me. Thank u 4 ur special counsel & prayers 4me. U r d best mama. I love u MA.!

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2017..... My heart is inditing a good matter, my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. YOU ARE SO GOODDD. YESSSS GLORY!!!!! STILL STANDING

God is my strength

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Happy birthday sir

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