Maria Clara Afonso: Glory to God!!!! The list on KingsChat Web

Glory to God!!!! The list is increasing. Thank you wonderful Partners. #UKZONE2

Glory to God!!!! The list Glory to God!!!! The list Glory to God!!!! The list

Celebrating our Esteemed CEO and Zonal Director all the way from Ce Ikoyi the Great We love you dearly Ma

#BlueEliteCommunity #Exceptionallyperfect #Warriministrycenter #CCO Happy perfect birthday to an exceptionally perfect boss, thank you Pastor ma for your inspiring leadership. I love everything about you ma, thank you for saying yes to God. Cheers to more glorious years ahead!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SIS. MERCY SMITH We love you, and we celebrate you joyfully today. Thank you for all you do for the Lord with love and joy! You are blessed and multiplied in grace. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please post your greetings in the comments section below. #CEMCABUJA #MYMONTHOFPROCLAMATIONS

Celebrating Perfect Exceptionalism. Thank you Ma @pastordeola for loving me specially and giving me countless opportunities to lead and be led. Happy birthday Ma, I love and Celebrate you❤️❤️❤️ #ParrarusParfait #PastorDeola #PerfectExceptionalism #Gylf #LwExceptionalism

Happy Birthday to our esteemed CEO and MULTIDIRECTOR per Excellence.... I celebrate your great humility and folloiwership of our father pastor Chris... amazing humility... You are an impeccable Epistle of the true gospel #theexceptionallyperfect #ewcaz4 #mpdee #hstranslators

ALL HAIL!!!! 2 Days to go for the Royal Rrrrrrroar to fill our towns, cities,nation and the universe!!! Glorrrrry!! #hagar🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️ #RoRROAR2020 #DSPUKZ3ROAR2020

WordFest2 Getting so so inspiring and impactful by the day. Watch and listen to Song Writer and Minister Sophiya as she shares her testimonies on the previous edition of WordFest and impact of Pastor Chris messages on PCDL #wordfest2 #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv

Updated her profile photo

Hey, it's still my pastor's birthday and am not done celebrating. What he's done in my life cannot be quantified. May the dew of heaven continue to fall on him, and may his strength never fail him. Happy birthday Pastor Chudi. #Oct29 @pastorchudi @dcnsijeoma7_ @lgzone1 @lz1ror

Happy Birthday of Perfection Dearest Esteemed CEO of our great loveworld nation, Esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips. Thank you ma, for all you do to the spread of the message of our man of God Pastor Chris to the nation's of the world. I celebrate you ma, today in a very unique way.

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