CE USA REGION 2: #ProgramAlert DAY 2 THE ONLINE on KingsChat Web

#ProgramAlert DAY 2 THE ONLINE FOUNDATION SCHOOL TEACHERS CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM with the Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor It's Time!!! Glorrryyyy!!! #ceusaregion2 #FSTCTP2019

#ProgramAlert DAY 2 THE ONLINE


So much to assimilate

Deaconess Flora Idia


We greatly equipped for quality result, hallelujah. Thank you so much esteemed Pastor sir.

Brother Moses


We are blessed

Dawn Williams-Harrison


I am excited 😜

CORPERS HANGOUT EBONYI STATE(ABAKILIKI) CORPERS LOVEWORLD Indeed, there is a great difference between a motivational speaker and a Man of God, a Man of God imparts in you the ability to become what he talks about This was the experience for the corpers on Saturday 31st August, as the Highly Esteemed Director imparted the spirit of God on the corpers at the hang out. The presence of God was felt so strongly, causing healings and restoration. Praise the Lord #LGNRULES #CLWD

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Oh what a day to celebrate an epitome of grace an ardent soul winner thank you for you unwavering commitment to the spread of the gospel happy birthday I love you

#YSCwithpastoremeka #Lagoszone2 #yellowhouse Spoken word by epistle

Glory!! Our Beloved Pastor is sharing Rhapsody with Dcns Tanya on all the Loveworld Networks throughout the month of September. It's UPLIFTING time!! Hallelujah 💥⭐🔥 #CECanada #CEDonValley #TheLightHouse

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#ysc with pastor Emeka Eze #Ce lagos zone 2


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