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2 Days to PDA 11. I'm celebrating Excellence #pda11 #pastordeji #cesuleja #ceabujazone

2 Days to PDA 11.

#GearShiftDay3TheCrescendo ⚙️Gearshift 3.0⚙️ - #Gearshiftday3isLive Amazing Session as Pastors & Leaders were congregated across the BLW Zones in the various Campus LoveWorld Center facilities & meeting venues for an awesome time! ⚙️GearShift 3.0⚙️ was 🔥 🔥 🔥 #blwcampusministryrocks™️ #gearshift3.0

They are three types of Men 1. Man Of Might Are you A Man Of Might? 2. Man Of War 3. Man Of Wealth I Am A Perfect Mighty Man Of Wealth!! ~By Thee Most Cable and Exceptional CMD 😎😅🔥 #Gearshift #Gearshift3.0 #HighOnTheGhost #BLWSAZONEA #BLWPTAWESTGROUP #BlwCampusMinistryRocks

International Youth day evangelism in Manchester ♥️

Glorious, powerful and inspiring spoken Word. Thank you so much Pastor Zoe. #cebramptonwest #cecanada #Partnersrendezvous

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In Addy to the best Pastor of the world. We love Highly Esteemed Pastor Deji Ajibewa. #pda0811 #pastordejiajibewa #cesuleja #ceabujazone

#GearShiftDay3TheCrescendo ⚙️Gearshift 3.0⚙️ - #Gearshiftday3isLive Amazing Session as Pastor & Leaders were congregated across the BLW Zones for an awesome time! ⚙️GearShift 3.0⚙️ was 🔥 🔥 🔥 #blwcampusministryrocks™️ #gearshift3.0

Have you started your Yookos account? Honestly? Yookos is a fantastic app. I've enjoyed using it. I use it to tell stories that inspire, that are funny, that are informative and thought provoking. It's a more informal space than KingsChat. Best of all, it's from Loveworld. Go and have great, educational, inspirational and commerce fun on Yookos. Yes, you should buy and sell on Yookos marketplace. Download the Yookos app from the app store. Google or apple. By the way, when you get on Yookos, do follow my 2 accounts: @ptt_incredible & @pttdotcom

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