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The Birthday of my Mentor is loading. #PSDROCK #PSD250417.

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#Zecmzoneg I've fully unpacked in the house of God.

nwvz2 2am Pastors Prayer Session_Tuesday 18th April

#Zecmzoneg life transforming meeting 😊

The 2017 Children Easter Fiesta at St Stephen's Elementary school, Modakeke, Osun state. Over 200 people gave their heart to Jesus with 512 children in attendance  1,100 Ministry material distributed to all the children, teenagers and parents present.  Several Medical care were administered to parent and guardian present for the fiesta. Various items such as food packs, snacks, pastries, stationeries (pencils, pens and exercise books) were given out to all in attendance. All present were full of excitement and joy as they were engaged in activities and games such as tug of war, dancing competition, egg and spoon, eating and drinking competition. We're grateful to the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc D.D for the opportunity. #SWVZ1 #Flourishing #CEOsun #InnercityMissionForChildren

#CampMeeting2017 #WhenGodVisitsYou #CEUKVZ2 #loveZone #CE Gateshead

HWA Pst Mike & Dcns Elo. Thnk u for living your lives according to the WOG wh our MOG teaches & for inspiring many.U can only blossom daily.

Ngariende vhangeri #pastorchrisinzimbabwe


Captivating performances from the sensational Truché and other artists @ the iFlourish Praise and Worship Concert. The blend of beaming light and good sound created an excellent atmosphere for the miraculous. Hallelujah! #CeAccraGhanaZone #iFlourishPWConcert2017

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