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I am a success #ewcavz4 #pastorchrisincameroon #cebonaberi

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Happy birthday Pastor ma, you are so full of love, I admire your simplicity ma.

Happy birthday to Pst Lola Matesun. A helper of the war, a special provision to the vision of our MoG. Your greatest years are ahead of you

Acquiring a degree/masters/PhD or being a straight "A" student in life is not what makes you a success! True success is in the spirit!

Happy Birthday Pastor Ma! I love you loadzzzzzz...

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we don't search for success we are success #ewcavz4 #pastorchrisincameroon #cebonaberi

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growing in the knowledge of God is growing in wisdom #ewcavz4 #pastorchrisincameroon #cebonaberi

no stoping us now. we are spreading

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