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Dearest Charl. Today begins another glorious year for you, as you bear testimony of His love, grace and faithfulness in your life. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for speedily helping others, even when it's adventurous to do so. The Lord bless you more and more to fulfill His purpose and calling. Happy birthday. Dad.

Dearest Pastor Daba. Thanks for your amazing and inspiring life. You lead and serve; teach and learn; give and help; all with love, passion and joy of the Spirit. Thanks for the blessing that you are to all of us, and Happy Birthday from us all. God bless you evermore. Amen.

Another year; Another milestone. Many hearty shouts of love to the greatest mum. Thanks for all the amazing things you do; I love you most ever-increasingly. The Lord bless you more and more. Happy Birthday from all of us.

Higher Life Conference Port Harcourt with Pastor Chris is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... Come from everywhere people 🔥🔥

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Dearest Charl. It's your birthday and another beautiful opportunity to thank you for being so loving, caring and encouraging; always ready to help others. Your smiles and laughter are priceless. I love you so dearly. Happy Birthday- Dad.

GOOD VIBEZ (Season 1) … coming soon exclusive to Loveworld Canada! They are young! They are on fire for God! They are the 3 new faces of Youth TV! Fly Guy, Char and Odessa are three young talented youth who grew up in Toronto ‘s roughest and toughest communities. Their pursuit in life is ALL things Jesus, and they are unapologetic about it. Their testimonies will inspire you and encourage you to live a life of purpose in Christ. Stay Connected to Loveworld Canada for more updates!  #LoveworldCanada #GoodVibez #YouthTV

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HBD, Dearest Daysman. Birth is a moment in time, but life is given to be an ever-flowing stream of God's love, power and excellence. Out of your belly will always flow these living waters of the Spirit. I love you dearly and thank God for your increasingly amazing life. Happy Birthday- Pastor Chris.

In the teaching "Benedictions" I explain several important spiritual secrets you can put to work, for extraordinary results in this new Year of The supernatural. Use the Pastor Chris Digital Library app or visit http://pcdl.co for your copy, and share this information too. God bless you.

'Glory'. The more I listen, the more I love it. Thanks, Mayo, for another beautiful piece. https://www.ceflix.org/videos/watch/3657

2018, The Year of The Supernatural! Let's use the principles and laws of the spirit realm to control the material world and our earthly circumstances; for Christ "hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen" Rev 1.6. The Word declares "...they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ" Rom 5.17. And we shall reign in all 2018, through the Supernatural. Hallelujah!

Dearest Pastor Linda. How you touch us with your love, passion and purpose! Your stately character and inspiring words are a blessed reminder of our divine dignity. Thank you for continually epitomizing the quintessential characteristics of the fruits of the spirit. I love you so dearly. You're one of a kind. Happy Birthday from all of us. Pastor Chris.

Happy Birthday, Daysman. It's your year of flourishing, and "glorious things are spoken of thee". The Lord be glorified in you continually. Amen.

Another chance to tell you how special you are to us all, and most particularly to me. Your love and passion for the Lord, your strong desire for His Word, your love for the brethren, commitment and continual preference for the more excellent way, all reinforce our definition of distinction in Christ. We've had quite a journey, but a most blessed and exciting one in the Lord. Happy Birthday to our dearest Pastor Kay, Joseph Akinwolemiwa. The Lord bless you more and more.

Happy Birthday to an extraordinary helper, leader, teacher, counsellor, mentor to many: what a blessing you are to all of us. A good opportunity for us to say thank you and express our appreciation and love to you for your work and labour of love. Happy Birthday from all of us, Dearest Pastor Mummy AT Adewunmi.

Consistent in Christ, trusting and helpful. Thank you for the many years of genuine labour of faith, hope and love; an amazing part and parcel of our amazing journey of life and ministry. I love you ever so dearly. We all in BLW love and celebrate you. Happy Birthday to our dearest Rev Ray.

So kind, so considerate, loving, giving, cheerful and cheering. A lifter and strengthener of the weary and broken; a teacher, mentor and succorer of many. What shall I more say? For time would fail us to tell of your deeds and walk of love: towards us, and among us. I love you so dearly. We all love you much. Happy Birthday from all of us, Dearest Evangelist Kathy.

Watched live streams of church services today from lcc3 and lekki. Messages were transcendent. I was tremendously blessed. Thanks ceo and @pastordeola.

Watch Martin Phike live in concert tonight in South Africa. http://www.cemultimedia.co.za/concert/concert.php

Happy Birthday to our beloved brother Isaiah Samson

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