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Happening Today - The May Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris!!! "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers" - Acts 2:42 In a few hours from now, our man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, will lead us in the breaking of bread and drinking of the cup, and share with us the Word of the Spirit for the month of May. Are you ready? The time is 4 pm GMT+1. Make sure you're in Church to partake of the blessings. God bless you.

The April Global Communion Service with our Man of God, Pastor Chris, holds this Sunday!!! It will be a blissful time of impartation, edification and fellowship with the Spirit, as we receive the Word for the month of April from our man of God.  The time is 4pm GMT+1. Make sure you're in Church for this life transforming service. Ensure to invite someone as well. God bless you.

🔉HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE PORT HARCOURT!!! Happening 25th - 27th January, 2019. It's Grand, Impactful and Full of Promise. Portharcourt are you ready? WATCH THIS 👇 video and catch a glimpse of what to expect.

Our first Global Communion Service in the Year of Lights holds today at 4pm Gmt+1. Make sure you're in Church to partake of the fellowship of the Spirit and receive Divine insight from God's Word through our man of God. Don't miss it!

It's Today!!! The much anticipated Global New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris is only a few hours away.  ✅You've heard about it ✅You've made plans to participate ✅You've invited others ✅You've joined in sponsoring the broadcast on TV and Radio ✅You've prepared your heart to receive the Word ...what are your expectations for the service? Proverbs 23:18 says "For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off." You can share your expectations in the comment section here or on your timeline. #enter2019withPastorChris

It's one thing to step into 2019, but it's a whole new level when you step into the new year knowing God's plan and direction for 2019. Be at the Global New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris to receive insight into God's plan for you for 2019. Don't miss it! Also tell us where you'll be participating from. You can comment on this post, or share on your timeline. e.g I will be participating live from... #Your City (e.g #Toronto) #enter2019withPastorChris Let's get posting and resharing.

So much in one night: electrifying moments of praise and worship, music and arts ministrations, inspiring discussions and testimonies from 2018, the awe-inspiring FALA Awards ceremony, thanksgiving session with our man of God, and most importantly, the message of the year to usher us into 2019. You don't want to miss the Global New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris. #enter2019withPastorChris

The year means nothing without the Word of God; God's Word is your light, your direction, your instruction. The Word of the Spirit is our launchpad into 2019. Are you ready to receive the Word? Then be at the Global New Year's Eve Service with Pastor Chris. The service will be streamed live in all our Churches; the loveworld networks and web/mobile platforms; and, on major satellite, terrestial and local TV and radio stations around the world. Make sure you participate and invite someone to join. #enter2019withPastorChris

It's a few hours to the Special Christmas Eve's Service with our Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, holding at the Loveworld Convocation Arena, beaming to the rest of world. The time is 10pm Gmt+1.You can participate live on all our Loveworld networks and the Ceflix app. You don't want to miss it!

Happening Now! Our Man of God is Live on the Special Christmas Edition of Your Loveworld. Tune in to any of the Loveworld networks or the Live TV Mobile App to participate.

Happening Live Today at 4pm GMT+1 Our week-long Special Prayer and Fasting program concludes today with a special live session with our man of God. It's going to be an awesome time of blessings. Be at your local Church to participate. God bless you.

Counting up to the December Global Communion Service with Our Man of God. 2018 has been a year of blessings upon blessings. Below are the graces and blessings the Lord lavished on us through the months of 2018: February - The Month of Change March - The Month of Dominion April - The Month of Influence May - The Month of Favour June - The Month of Prayer July - The Month of Laughter August - The Month of Reflection September - The Month of Auto-edification by glossolalia October - The Month of Instruction November - The Month of Celebrating our Riches December - Loading... Make sure you're in Church to receive the Word for the month of December from our man of God. The service begins shortly, don't miss it!

IPPC 2018 is here! The much anticipated International Pastors and Partners Conference 2018 has commenced. Delegates from around the world have converged at the Loveworld Convocation Arena for the Conference, which begins with the Pastors Conference. It's surely going to be a super week, full of celebration, testimonies and unprecedented promotions. #IPPC2018 #YearoftheSupernatural #10in1 #CelebratingtheSupernatural

It's been a blissful Month of Instructions, and very shortly, we'll be receiving the Word for the month of November at the Global Communion Service with our Man of God. The time is 4pm GMT+1. Make sure you're in Church, for yet another life transforming service with our man of God, Pastor Chris. God bless you.

A Peek into the IPPC 2018 Package – The Loveworld Exhibition  The Loveworld Exhibition, one of the events holding within the IPPC week, is a global event that showcases our remarkable exploits and accomplishments within the year, through our ministry partnership arms, platforms and initiatives. This year’s edition of the exhibition opens on the 13th of November 2018, and is designed to engage, inform and inspire all delegates of the IPPC 2018. It's surely something to look forward to. Don't forget to visit the IPPC website at, for all the information you need in preparation for IPPC 2018. You can also use the registration checker on the log in page to confirm your registration status. God bless you. #IPPC2018 #YearoftheSupernatural #10in1 #CelebratingtheSupernatural

IPPC 2018 - Watch Video Promo Below! IPPC 2018 is specially packed with rapturous moments of praise, worship, uplifting music and dance ministrations, power-packed prayer sessions, informative panel discussions, awe-inspiring award ceremonies, vitalizing super sessions with senior ministers of our great ministry, and most especially, transformative plenary sessions with our man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. You don't want to miss it! Watch the video promo below 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Registration closes soon, so hurry and get registered today! Contact your Church/Zonal office for more information. #IPPC2018 #YearoftheSupernatural #10in1 #CelebratingtheSupernatural

IPPC 2018 - 12 days to go! The IPPC website is a one-stop information hub for the IPPC 2018. There you’ll find inspiring blog articles, pictures and video excerpts from past IPPC programs, and information on different aspects of the conference including: access control, health and safety tips, medical aid, visa aid, hotel accommodation, transportation, car parks etc. You can also share your expectations for the IPPC 2018 and read that of others, to get yourself inspired. To visit the website, go to  Bonus feature: There’s a registration checker on the website to help you know your registration status. Don’t wait another second, go there now! PS: The IPPC website is exclusive to qualified delegates for IPPC 2018.

IPPC 2018 – A Celebration of the Supernatural! #14daystogo From one victory parade to another, it’s been a most glorious one year since IPPC 2017. As we draw the curtain for this ministry year, it’s important we count our blessings. Here’s a rundown of some of the extraordinary events we’ve had within the year, with our man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD.  •The December 2017 Global Christmas Eve Service  •The New Year’s Eve Service. •10 Global Communion Services. •Several 'Your Loveworld' Live Programs. •2 Global Prayer Week Programs. •The International Easter Youth Camp. •The Healing School Autumn Session, Johannesburg South Africa. •The International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference. •The Holy Land Tour. •The International Cell Leaders’ Conference •Leaders' and Partners' Conference United Kingdom. •The Healing School August Session, Lagos, Nigeria. • The International Campus Pastors' & Leaders' Conference. •Leaders’ and Partners’ Conference Ghana. •Leaders’ and Partners’ Conference Southern Africa. •Rhapathon with Rhapsody of Realities. •...And much more. Get ready to celebrate the supernatural at IPPC 2018. #IPPC2018 #YearoftheSupernatural #10in1 #celebratingthesupernatural

IPPC 2018: 3 Simple Steps to completing your registration! Your registration for the IPPC is the first step towards preparing for the conference. Below are 3 simple steps to completing your registration, applicable to delegates of both the Pastors and Partners Conference: 1. Registration is via the respective ministry centres, zonal and virtual zonal offices, for Pastors Conference delegates; and via the respective church offices, for Partners conference delegates. As a qualified delegate, you should receive an invitation email triggered by the respective offices, with a link to complete registration (Kindly check both your inbox and spam folders). 2. Click on the link in the email to update your profile. Kindly ensure you confirm your kingschat number, as this is required for access into the conference venues. 3. Click on 'Accept Meeting', and this completes your registration. Kindly contact your Church/Zonal office if you're qualified to attend the conferences, but are yet to receive the email. Hurry and get registered today! #IPPC2018 #YearoftheSupernatural #10in1 #CelebratingtheSupernatural

IPPC 2018 IS HERE!!! The International Pastors and Partners Conference 2018 (IPPC 2018), a collage of several life changing conferences, is set to hold from November 12th to 18th 2018 at the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena in Lagos, Nigeria. This historic event is sure to pilot attendees to unprecedented heights, as we celebrate our collective victories in this glorious year of the Supernatural. Do contact your church office to confirm your invitation. Also keep tabs on this page for more updates on IPPC 2018. #IPPC2018 #YearoftheSupernatural #10in1 #celebratingthesupernatural

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