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THE CAR HAND BRAKE In road vehicles, the handbrake or emergency brake, is a mechanism used to keep the vehicle securely motionless when parked. A hand brake takes the form of a hand-operated lever and is normally located on the center console but....👉click on the link to read more #tcif

WINTER VS ALL SEASON CAR TYRES It is the year of perfection. Have you checked your car tyre expiration date yet? During winter, it gets colder and temperatures drop under 7°C, staying low until spring. Summer tyres cannot provide the same efficiency on the road during winter because of their rigid structure. It’s time to switch to winter tyres, but why switch when there are “all season tyres” All Season Tyres: - ·       They combine the qualities of summer and winter tyres and are suitable all year round. ·       It saves cost compared to buying both summer and winter tyres. ·       They are adaptable and suitable for prolonged used regardless of the climate. ·       Their tread pattern is the result of targeted functional balance, efficient at high and low temperatures, sunny or rainy days, wet or dry roads.  ·       They are developed for vehicles ranging from small cars to SUVs and fast sports cars, that run at high speed. ·       Their rolling resistance is better during winter. ·       They have a better traction if temperature goes above 7°C. ·       Their tyre noise is lowered and the tread lasts longer compared to with summer or winter tyre treads. NOTE: 1)    For extreme winter conditions, a snow tyre is preferred. 2)    Regardless of characteristics and type, it is essential for tyres to be in excellent condition to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of safety and performance. Periodically checking tyre conditions is recommended.

BLIND SPOTS WHILE DRIVING The blind spot is an area around the vehicle that you can’t observe when driving, even while using your side mirrors. Although your mirrors give you a good view of the road behind you, that view is not complete. Anytime you're changing lanes or merging, you'll want to check for any car blind spots in your view first. Flip on your turn signal to let other cars know you'll be moving over and check your rear mirrors and sidecar mirrors. When should I check for blind spots? 1. Before driving off from a stationary position: -It is very common to fail a driving test for failing to check a blind spot before driving off. Click for more #tcif #everylifecounts

The #LMMS wishes all her Esteemed Pastors, Partners and #Supervolunteers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year🌲🌲🌲 Thank you for joining us in saving lives everyday! Together, we are impacting nations and transforming destinies! #lmms #tcif #vmcorps #vmcoc19


Breaking News!!!!! THE 2019 VMC ONLINE CONFERENCE RE-BROADCAST is available now. Visit to participate. Please post your comments using the hashtag #vmcoc2019 #yourcountry

The Volunteer Medical Corps says THANK YOU to all those who took part in the 2019 Online Conference. Thank you all for making it a success! To watch the rebroadcast which will be available by 6:00 PM GMT+1, kindly visit

VMC ONLINE CONFERENCE UPDATES #VMCOC2019 Keynote Presentation based on the conference theme; Expanding Social Impact through Technology by Prof. Christian Lackner

VMC Online Conference Updates #vmcoc2019 Panel Discussion on Expanding VMC's Social Impact through Technology

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VMC Online Conference Updates #vmcoc2019 Special Presentation by Dr Nkoyo Isinenwi of VMC UK ; based on innovative solutions and the use of new forms of health technology for increased social impact as VMC volunteers.

Happening Now! Panel Discussion: Expanding VMC's Social Impact through Technology

VMC Online Conference Updates Panel Discussion on Redefining Social Impact of VMC's Programs #vmcoc2019

#vmcoc2019 #cewarriministrycentre

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Happening Now! Panel Discussion: Redefining the Social Impact of VMC's Programs This insightful panel discussion is being moderated by the Esteemed SEO, Pastor Dr Olajumoke Akisanya, with distinguished panelists including Dr Dumebi Anene; VMC Coordinator Maiduguri Borno State, Dr Mimi Osamwonyi; Asst Coordinator VMC Abuja Ministry Centre and Mrs Ikwo Oka, Founder ,CEO CESDEV

Happening Now!!! #vmcoc2019 Special musical presentation

We Are Live!! Happening Now Welcome address by the Senior Executive Officer, Pastor Dr Olajumoke Akisanya


We Are Live!! Happening Now Welcome address by the Senior Executive Officer, Pastor Dr Olajumoke Akisanya

Happening Now!!! TEST TRANSMISSION FOR THE UPCOMING 2019 VMC ONLINE CONFERENCE. Dear friend, Log in to to participate in the ongoing test transmission, as in less than 1 hour, the conference will commence!!! If you are yet to register for the conference,kindly visit to register now. Glory!!!!

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#vmcoc2019 #meetingofchampions

Volunteer Medical Corps profile on KingsChat Web

#DEC7 CELEBRATING GOD'S LIGHT Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, Through your inspiration and guidance, your prayers and your words, we have influenced nations, preserved lives and made global impact. We are forever grateful! We love you deeply Sir! #tcif #everylifecounts #LWDayofService #IDS2019

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