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It’s an ending flow of joy because it’s the birthday of our Highly Esteemed Pastor Kay Adesina. 🎊💃Make a joyful noise and put on your dancing shoes!🕺🎉It’s celebration time. We love you so much Dear Pastor Sir. With long life shall the Lord satisfy you! ❤️🙏. #PKAY2211 #PKAYLIQUIDLOVE #PKAYPERFECTION

🎉🎊Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed Pastor Kay Adesina 🎊🎉. We love you so much Pastor Sir and thank you for always showing so much care and love to the brethren of Christ Embassy Amsterdam and the whole of the Netherlands. WE ❤️ YOU!! #PKAY2211 #PKAYLIQUIDLOVE #PKAYPERFECTION

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED REGIONAL PASTOR Thank you Sir for your love and care. We love, cherish and appreciate you dearly.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE SPIRIT IN MOTION; OUR FATHER & HERO! No good enough earthly words to use; the dictionary and search engine results neither suffice, but Dad, we want to say; Thank you Sir for birthing us .. Thank you Sir for teaching us the Word.. Thank you Sir for consistently unveiling divine truths to our spirits.. Thank you Sir for your prayers & words of blessing.. Thank you Dad for your LIQUID-LOVE! We love and celebrate you everyday! Happy Fathers Day Sir!

🔊 You've really got to see this! 👉 https://www.kingsch.at/p/kq52ub7 👀Watch! 👀Watch again! 👀Keep watching! 👍Like it! 👍Comment on it! 👍Share it!

Happy birthday dear Deaconess Jasmine. Thank you for all you do to advance the work of the ministry. ...You're loved ...You're Special ...You're Blessed WE LOVE YOU!!

In this month of Prayer, be an active part of the largest prayer network in the World👇👇👇

Welkom in JUNI de Maand van GEBED! 🕔 Maandag, Woensdag en Vrijdag @ 12.00 & 22.00. 🕔Dinsdag, Donderdag en Zaterdag @ 22.00. 🕔 Zondag in de Kerk.

In a few hours you will be levitated @ the JUNE GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE with our Man of God Pastor Chris. 👉 It's A Date with Destiny. 🕔 17.00 uur What are your expectations? They will be established.

Happy Mothers Day to all our Super Moms! Our world is a beautiful place because of you. Today we honor and celebrate you.

🔊 FLOURISHING WITH MEDITATION- A Word of the Month Immersion Plan for the BLW Nation.🌴🌴🌴 "You're going to take off with meditation, because you will have good success"- Pastor Chris @ the Global Worship & Communion Service in Zimbabwe. The inspiration of the Spirit for the BLW Nation in this special ‘Month of Meditation’ comes with a unique instruction, such that the blessing of a way made prosperous and good success is for the "doer". Introducing this month's action-based 'Word-of-the-Month' immersion plan. In order to get the best out of the message of the month, we will: 👉 Listen (again) to the message of the month (http://bit.ly/monthofmeditation). 👉 Acquire material to meditate upon via the Pastor Chris Digital Library. 👉 Meditate on a scripture of choice for at least 15 minutes a day. Discipline yourself to do this daily. 👉 Follow the PCDL SuperUser account to receive #MeditationVerses and more, to aid you in your times of meditation. Starting this Monday 14th May. Time to levitate! Zie je bovenaan!!

Happening Today! #WorldOutreachDay. Be involved in the salvation of souls all around the world. Your seed can do so much, sow it.

🔊 Zet uw lofprijs aan!! 💃💃

Happy wedding anniversary highly esteemed Pastors! We rejoice greatly with you. Europe is blessed with the gift of you. Thank you for your shining example of faith and love. Many more productive years in life and ministry Sir & Ma. #PKAA2017

ZOMERTIJD: the clock goes forward by one hour at 2:00 uur in the night of Saturday to Sunday. This means that 2:00 uur will become 3:00 uur. Please be aware of this change. Sunday Morning Service is at 10.00 uur and each of us is bringing all the souls we won & first timers we brought to Church from Jan to March. Use your regular Church Service IV cards.

KONINGSDAG..REACHOUT NETHERLANDS 2017 GRAND LAUNCH today! 10.00uur in Church. Bigger... Better... More Impactful!! 👍Be there!

Pastor Chris Teaching on SALTO2; new daily broadcast schedule. Spread the word! watch online from around the world- click www.salto.nl/streamplayer/tv/salto2_live.asp

The MARCH 2017 BSPC with Pastor Chris was wow! Cell leaders & Bscts #ceamsterdam got loaded in the class. An insightful expose on Christian Conduct! Big thanks to our Man of GOD for setting us on course for significant attainments in the Cell Ministry this year of Flourishing. Thank you Sir! #bspc

Set..Ready..Go! It's TODAY! BSPC with our Man of God Pastor Chris @ 🕢18.00 uur. Registration completed✔ Expectations clearly defined✔ Schedule cleared✔ Lateness ❌

Bible Study Preparatory Class with our Man of God Pastor Chris: 7 Days To Go!

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