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Looking for an easy way to study the Bible? Check out these 3 FREE resources that you can download on your phone onto your phone! #biblestudy #howtostudythebible #growinfaith #christembassycharlotte

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Empowered to Prosper Women's Conference Day 2 Highlights The day started with shouts of praise and glory as we watched a miracle unfold right before our eyes!! A woman who has had Diabetes for 18 years and wheelchair bound for 4 years started walking that morning!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! Video is coming soon..... We had another inspiring day of developing ourselves through the Word of God, in prayer, in praise and worship. We talked about being a success in business and in our families. We created Vision Boards for our futures! The Q & A session with our speakers was so eye-opening! We are soooo inspired to do more for the Lord and for ourselves. #cecharlotte

Empowered To Prosper Women's Conference 2018 was PHENOMENAL!!! What a time of fellowship, inspiration and prophecies! Oh God! The prophecies were AMAZING!!! Our lives were upgraded by the Word of God and WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!! Day 1 Highlights...... #cecharlotte

It’s here! SUPER WEDNESDAY! The glory of the Lord has risen upon us! #cecharlotte #usavz1 #usaregion2 #supernaturalresultsbytheholyghost

Getting ready for A Special Wednesday Service!! A special night with the Word & the Spirit #usavz1 #usaregion2 #cecharlotte

What a #ROYALWEDDING kind of day! Everything was so beautiful, BRIDE AND GROOM, service was heavenly bliss And reception the icing on the cake! God bless Mr. & Mrs. Frimpong We love you dearly♥️♥️❤️

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#ROYALWEDDING #SHARONWEDSPHILLIP Beautiful day, Glorious Future......

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Super Sunday...... Cell Convention Celebration....... Testimonies Galore! It was a wonderful time in fellowship with the Word. Testimonies of God’s faithfulness abounded....job searches rewarded....healings and more!! We are swimming in rivers of grace and abundance! Hallelujah! #usavz1 #usaregion2 #cecharlotte #supernaturalresultsbytheholyghost

Cell Convention 2018.... The Man, The Message and The Mandate We are being upgraded for MORE of the Supernatural! Thank you to our Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Biodun for the training. We love and appreciate you dearly! #usaregion2cellconvention #usavz1 #cecharlotte

USA REGION 2 PRESENTS 3RD QUATER CELL CONVENTION 2018!!! Happening from the 28th ~30th of September 2018. Its one program in several locations in the USA region 2. GLOOORRY!!! #cellconventionusaregion2 #CEchalotte #USAREGION2

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Celebrating A Burning & A Shining Light Happy Birthday Sis. Dianna Thank you for your consuming passion for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and for your commitment to the work of the ministry. We pray the Lord will continue to increase His Grace, Glory, Wisdom and Insight in your life. You will fulfill your divine purpose in Him and bring many sons to the life of righteousness. God bless you! We love you♥️♥️❤️♥️💖🎉🎉👏🏽🎂🎉♥️👏🏽🎉👏🏽

USA REGION 2 PRESENTS CELL CONVENTION 2018!!! Happening from the 28th ~30th of September 2018. Its one program in several locations in the USA region 2. GLOOORRY!!! #USAREGION2 #USAREGION2CELLCONVENTION #CECHARLOTTE

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We are still Celebrating you Pastor! Thank you for caring for us! It shows in your smile..😉 We love you dearly Sir! #usavz1 #usaregion2

The celebration continues....Happy Birthday Pastor Eustace! You have truly been a BLESSING in our lives....see how much you have taught us! We love you dearly!

Still Celebrating our Pastor! We love you Sir! Words to describe what you mean to us......

Still Celebrating our beloved Pastor Eustace! Sir, thank you for all you have been in our lives, we love you sincerely and appreciate you Sir! Just a few words from some of us celebrating you......

Still Celebrating our beloved Pastor! Happy Birthday Pastor! We sincerely love and appreciate you for all you are to us! God bless you Sir! Just a few words from some us to let you know what you have been to us.....

Celebrating Excellence!! Happy Birthday to our dearly beloved Zonal Pastor, Pastor Eustace. Sir, we love you sincerely! Thank you for your tremendous love and care; thank you for teaching us how to walk by faith and how to follow our Man of God.You are a shining example of Loyalty and Commitment. We are blessed to work with you Sir. Thank you for truly being a Father and Pastor to us all. Thank you for your confidence in us and your encouragement. We love you dearly!!! #usavz1 #usaregion2

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🎼🎵🎶Today is a special day to share our love with you🎶 There’s no way to say we love you Pastor! Happy Birthday Pastor!🎶 Thank you for the LOVE you show, the wisdom to help us grow!🎶🎵 Happy Birthday Pastor, God’s General, Pastor WE LOVE YOU! 🎶🎵 Happy Birthday Pastor Eustace! We love you Sir!

Christ Embassy Charlotte loading for..... DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAM September 14th - 16th Get ready, Get are going higher and higher! #usavz1 #usaregion2 #itssupernatural

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