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Blood Donors are Life Savers The GYLF team in Yaoundé, Cameroon led by Ekema Ndola Miranda visited the Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital, Ngousso and donated 6 pints of blood to patients who were desperately in need of blood to survive . This selfless act of service paved way for the gospel to be preached as the Director of the clinic, who was previously averse to evangelism, could not resist but allow the GYLF ambassadors to evangelize after this notable humanitarian act. Indeed we have taken over, we have the right strategies and we can never be stopped. #GYLFCAMEROON #GYLF IluminatingYourWorld

New Territory Conquered!!! Bhutan, one of the few independent countries throughout their history and a primary Buddist nation is being infiltrated with the Gospel by GYLF ambassadors. Armed with increased grace and ability received at the 2019 IEYC to illuminate their nation, they took a bold step by moving from house to house to share the good news of Salvation, undeterred in the city of Thimphu, leading many to Christ and filling them with the Holy Spirit. These foot soldiers are indeed ready for war, and fully equipped and armed to fill their nation with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Watch out for greater exploits, stay tuned! #GYLFBHUTAN #GYLF #IluminatingYourWorld

...Behold, ye have filled Cojutepeque, El Salvador with your doctrine... Soldiers of the Global Youth Leaders' Forum received the ultimate order from the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome at the 2019 IEYC to spread into every nation and preach the gospel. The newly launched and refreshed soldiers obeyed this mandatory instruction as they matched to the city of Cojutepeque and saturated the place with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They preached from door to door, from street to street, leading people to Christ, casting out devils and healing the sick. The city of Cojutepeque will never be the same again. GYLF, we are taking over!💪💪💪 #GYLFELSALVADOR #GYLF #IlluminatingYourWorld

The GYLF Expands it Reach to 12 Cities in Greenland GYLF ambassadors in Greenland having been equipped with divine strategies on how to penetrate their Nation from the 2019 IEYC with Pastor Chris took advantage of the Radio Station to spread the vision of the GYLF on Inuuerup Nipaa 88.5 MHz which means ' The Sound of Life' in English Language. The Radio Station reaches Qaanaaq, Kullorsuaq, Upernavik, Unmmanaq, Ilulissat, Aasiaat, Maniitsoq, Nuuk, Paamiut, Qaqortoq, Nanortalik and Tasiilaq. The team eloquently elaborated on the vision of the GYLF and they gave their audience the opportunity to sign up on the website. GYLF, we are taking over!💪💪💪 #GYLFGREENLAND #GYLF #IlluminatingYourWorld

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALVIN OYAKHILOME! Join us to celebrate a dynamic and inspiring youth leader. Happy birthday dearest Alvin Oyakhilome! #GYLF

Academic Excellence Conference in Bibiani, Ghana. With the current goal of penetrating into every city with the vision of the GYLF, our ambassadors organised the first GYLF Conference tagged "Academic Excellence Conference" in the city of Bibiani located at the Western North of Ghana. The lead ambassasor Wisdom Dominic shared extensively on 'How to be an Excellent Student and How to Study Effectively'. He also gifted several students copies of the book ' The Power of Your Mind'. The Head Master who was present at the program was greatly inspired by the program and he approved the GYLF Clubs in the school and 34 GYLF Clubs was pioneered immediately. Several students were also healed of migraine headaches and over 120 people received salvation. GYLF, we are taking over!💪💪💪 #GYLFGHANA #GYLF

Happening Now! GYLF first Conference in the city of Kisumu, Kenya tagged "Build Your Life, Build Your Future". The GYLF is penetrating every city. Glory to God! #GYLFKenya

Watch inspiring episodes of the impacts of GYLF ambassadors all around the world airing on GYTV this weekend. You don't want to miss it, it will inspire you to also do something to change your nation. Don't miss it! Tune in to Loveworldplus: Saturdays @ 12:30pm (GMT +1) Loveworldsat: @ 6am (GMT +2) Loveworldtv: @3pm (GMT +1) Watch GYTV on the go on #GYTV

UPCOMING EVENTS City Penetration, Influence, Touching the Lives of Youth around the world.... This is synonymous of the Impact GYLF Ambassadors are making Several life changing conferences are scheduled to hold in different cities to expand our reach and leadership base. Happening today, Friday the 17th May in the city of Bibiani, Ghana "Academic Excellence Conference" Happening tomorrow, Saturday 18th May in Motare, Zimbabwe "Leadership and Empowerment Conference" "Build your life, build your future" Kimusu, Kenya. We have the Aheadship! These are dates with destiny, don't miss it! #GYLF #IluminatingYourWorld

GYLF Ambassador saturate Paris, France with the gospel. Members of the GYLF are so excited as they stormed Saint-Denis street in Paris to preach the gospel and distribute copies of our ministry materials to people they met on the street. They led several people to Christ and they are set to even do more in their nation as they have received increased grace and ability from the 2019 IEYC with Pastor Chris. #GYLFFrance #GYLF #ImpactwithPastorChris

Members of the GYLF in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia meet to Strategize on how to Penetrate their Nation with the Gospel Ambassador Abigail and her team organised their first ever GYLF Club meeting after returning from the 2019 IEYC with Pastor Chris. She shared with the youths present all she learnt from camp. They also took out time to pray and strategize on how they can curb drug addiction and abuse among youths in Malaysia. #GYLFMalaysia #GYLF #impactwithPastorChris

The UK International Office Expands the Reach of the Global Youth Leaders Forum. With the current goal of extending our partnership initiatives, representatives from the Int'l Office visited one of the UK's largest youth mentorship charities - 'Reach Out Youth'. Sharing the 'GYLF' vision with the organisation's CEO, the team eloquently elaborated on the collaborative initiatives available to change the lives of young people in the charity’s program who are currently experiencing learning difficulties and seemingly disadvantaged in life. A gift presentation including life changing books by our Man of God such as The Power of Your Mind, Recreating Your World and Teevo was made to the CEO who received them with much excitement. An immediate opportunity to share with current students at 'Bridge Academy' in Hackney London was presented. The team utilised this moment to communicate the vision of the forum to the students. We look forward to making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of thousands of young people all across the UK through this initiative. Raising leaders...Building the Future... #ImpactwithPastorChris #GYLF #LWIntlUK

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Hospital Outreach in Eswatini, Swaziland. Filled with fresh inspiration to light up their world from the International Easter Youth Camp, GYLF Ambassadors from Swaziland visited Mbabane Government Hospital to minister to the sick. The power of God was present as they ministered healing to the patients in the wards propelled by the anointing of the Spirit and many of the sick people were relieved of severe pains. What an audacity! Praise God! #GYLFSWAZILAND #GYLF #IMPACTWITHPASTORCHRIS

GYLF Club meeting in Columbia Ambassador Camila and Daniela Rodriguez organised a special GYLF Club meeting where they had lots of fun and things to eat. Amidst the fun, they inspired the youths and urged them to look out for a human need and meet that need. It was indeed a special time as the youths present were specially impacted. #GYLFCOLUMBIA #GYLF #IMPACTWITHPASTORCHRIS

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLYN OYAKHILOME!!! Join us to celebrate the beautiful, thoughtful and helpful Charlyn. #GYLF

GYLF Club Meeting in Antigua and Barbuda Excited members of the GYLF in Antigua and Barbuda held their club meeting to inspire themselves and remind themselves of the inspiring things they learnt from IEYC 2019. They also strategized on how they intend to win and influence more young people in their nation for Jesus. #GYLFANTIGUAANDBARBUDA #GYLF #IMPACTWITHPASTORCHRIS

School Outreach in Greenwich, United Kingdom. GYLF ambassador Fortune Aduroja took a bold step in winning his school for Jesus as he gifted copies of our ministry materials to the Assistant Principal and Pastoral Manager of his school, Shooters Hill Sixth Form College. He also introduced the GYLF to them and he is ready to incorporate over 2000 students present in the school into the GYLF. GYLF, We are indeed taking over! #GYLFUK #GYLF #IMPACTWITHPASTORCHRIS

WE ARE LIVE!!! Watch on the Live TV App Please post pictures of your participation on Kingschat using the hashtag #GYLF #yourcountry #YLW #yourloveworld #lwplus #lwtvuk #lwsat #lwusa #lwcan #pastorchris #pastorbenny

We'll be live from Israel in about 30 minutes. Make sure to watch from 5pm GMT.

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Healing Outreach in El Salvador Ambassador Nelson took a bold step as he put the special impartation he received from our man of God at the 2019 IEYC to work when he ministered to a woman in the market and the woman got up from her wheel chair. Many people were amazed and he used the opportunity to minister the word of God to them and many received salvation. Glory to God! #GYLFELSALVADOR #GYLF #IMPACTWITHPASTORCHRIS

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