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Oh, can't wait!!! Abuja are you ready! Uyo are you ready!! Texas are you ready!!! Loveworld Next Conference in your City! Experience the moments again and again. Send your comments here, your city might just be the first in line. Glory to God!!!

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Dearest CSO, We do not receive a harvest from what we sell, but from what we sow. Thank you for not selling your seed, but for planting your heart in the house of the Lord, and your years of constant service to God's people. Happy Birthday Bro Agats Oduaran. We love you dearly. #LoveworldNext #LMAM #PastorChrisLive

Congratulations to our Director Of Events and Programs and the Director of Cyber Loveworld, Director Tolu Alabi. You have been a great Blessing and Pillar to us all. God bless and increase you greatly. Your coast has been enlarged to do more and bring more soul to the Kingdom. Thank you. We love you. Thank you, Mr President, Sir for showing us a more excellent way. The Greatest Gift is found in Love...

Congratulations Sir. God Bless your union. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. You have been a blessing and a pillar.

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Executive Director Bro Efosa William(Xwhite), Loyalty pays, while Loyal men earn. Your Dedication to God's vision is simply inspiring, I'm grateful to the Lord for gifting us with you, I'm thankful to Him for your commitment to building lives and establishing men for God's Kingdom, Happy birthday to you. God bless you. #LoveworldNext #PastorChrisLive #LMAM

Happy Birthday To You The Esteemed Executive Manager of Loveworld Next and The Director of Agriculture, Bro Kingswill Oyakhilome. Your passion and zeal for excellence is exemplary. We love and cherish you greatly. #LoveworldNext

Dearest Director, The Grace of God means nothing without Graciousness. Graciousness is the very Character of the One who has so Graced us in every way, hence a new meaning to the statement, " for our Lord is Gracious and kind" one of the evidences of His graciousness to us is sending you our way. Happy Birthday Dearest Director, God bless you. #LoveworldNext

Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed SEO @Sharon Frimpong. We love you dearly. Thank you for all you do.

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