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Pray-A-Thon 2020 - July 6 We had a glorious Global Communion Service yesterday, and as we shared, July is our month of Productivity. Glory to God! The Lord is blessing the works of your hands, and every effort will be rewarded with tremendous results. Thank the Lord for this amazing blessing in your life. We also concluded Phase 1, Season 2 of 'Your Loveworld Specials'. Be sure to catch rebroadcasts on our Loveworld Networks and ministry websites, and meditate on the Mystery of Christ. Christ is the standard for judging righteousness. Learn more in this Monday's Rhapsody. Get the new July edition from the store on your Rhapsody app. Zechariah 10:1 says, "Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field". 1 Timothy 2:3-4, "...For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth". As announced yesterday, we'll have an hour long session of prayer at 12noon (Local/GMT) today. We'll pray fervently in tongues of the Spirit, and also for the salvation of souls around the world; pray especially for those in the city and country where you live. Break the influence of satan over their lives, that the gospel may bear fruit in them. Also pray that Christians the world over, be strengthened in the faith, and continually producing fruits of righteousness. Amen. God bless you.

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🚨STILL LIVE NOW: JULY GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE 🚨 #nnez1 #globalcommunionservice

Welcome to the Month of Productivity. #globalcommunionservice #nnez1

HAPPENING NOW JULY GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE “Jesus came in the place of all sinners and paid the full penalty; that is, to die the sinner’s death and go to hell. He died the sinners death on the cross and was completely separated from God on our behalf". - Pastor Chris  #globalcommunionservice #nnez1

HAPPENING NOW!!! July Global Communion Service with our Man of God, Pastor Chris. Are you participating in this glorious experience with the Holy Spirit? It's live on all LoveWorld Stations, Live TV App and on All Social Media Platform. #GlobalCommunionService  #nnez1

Partnership Sunday with Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Nigeria North East Zone 1, Pastor Emmanuel Abbah. #ceyola #nnez1

Sunday Service with the Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Emmanuel Abbah #ceyola #nnez1

Prayer Outreach No. 133 Perfection Cell Christ Embassy Yola #ispreadprayer #iamaprayerinfluencer #globaldayofprayer #nnez1

Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Wed July 1 We're baptized into Christ - immersed in Him, inseparably united and joined with Him in Spirit. What glory, hallelujah! Learn more in this Wednesday's Rhapsody. Get your new July edition for adults, teens and kids from the store of your Rhapsody app. Psalm 67:2 (TLB) says, 'Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind'. Psalms 35:27 says, 'Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause...' At today's prayer times, we'll pray fervidly in tongues of the Spirit; and that the gospel may have free course around the world, and be glorified. Pray also that the Lord's people everywhere be strengthened by the Spirit in the inner man. Amen. Live broadcasts of 'Your Loveworld Specials', Season 2 Phase 1 begin today. Be sure to tune in and invite others too. Showing from 7pm GMT+1/2pm EST, on all Loveworld Networks, ministry websites, ceflix, LiveTV mobile app, and social media platforms. God bless you.

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Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Omoh Alabi, ma, we celebrate your love and passion, we love you dearly. #poa3006 #nnez1

Pray-A-Thon 2020 - Mon June 29 We give thanks to God for the Global Day of Prayer, and the amazing blessings following. What a glorious way to conclude the 1st half of our year of Perfection. The days ahead are great and glorious. Hallelujah! Thanks again to all who participated; and special thanks to the ministers who led prayer sessions and blessed us tremendously with inspiring exhortations, teachings and prophecies. God bless you all. The Word tells us "there was long war between the house of Saul and the house of David: but David waxed stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker. Learn more about the dominion of the spirit over the flesh in this Monday's Rhapsody. Psalms 22:22 says, 'I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee'. Therefore, the congregations of the Lord shall never cease. Amen. At our prayer times today, we'll pray fervidly in tongues of the Spirit, and give thanks to the Lord for the everlasting victory of the Church over all the schemes and devices of the adversary, and for salvation of souls around the world. Remember 'Your Loveworld' Season 2 Phase 1 begins Wednesday July 1st to 5th; so pray and prepare towards it. God bless you.

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Prayer Outreach No. 132 Teens 2 Group Christ Embassy Yolatown #ispreadprayer #iamaprayerinfluencer #globaldayofprayer #nnez1

Prayer Outreach No. 131 Huois Cell Christ Embassy Demsa #ispreadprayer #iamaprayerinfluencer #globaldayofprayer #nnez1

Prayer Outreach No. 130 Children Church Christ Embassy Demsa #ispreadprayer #iamaprayerinfluencer #globaldayofprayer #nnez1

Prayer Outreach No. 129 Christ Embassy Teens Church #ispreadprayer #iamaprayerinfluencer #globaldayofprayer #nnez1

#photohighlights Fathers' Day Celebration with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Emmanuel Abbah were he taught on the Blessings of Abraham... #ceyola #nnez1

#photohighlights Fathers' Day Celebration with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Emmanuel Abbah #ceyola #nnez1

#photohighlights Fathers' Day Celebration with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Emmanuel Abbah Drama and Dance Presentations #ceyola #nnez1

#photohighlights Fathers' Day Celebration with the Highly Esteemed Pastor Emmanuel Abbah #ceyola #nnez1

Are you participating? We are still Live... It's 24 Hours of nonstop Prayers 24 Hours of nonstop answers to prayers Connect now or Or Download the Live Tv app for Android and iOs #gdopwithpastorchris #nnez1

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