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Ooh Hallelujah! No matter what they do we advance! We have the wordometer!!! #ladiesnetwork #lovelorldladies2020 #ladiesadvance #Canadaregion #Cecalgarygroup

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CELEBRATING A GREAT FATHER! Its a most remarkable day to remember in the calender of the Love world nation: its a celebration of a great father and a great general; an icon of the heavenlies! An ardent follower and a son of our dear Man of God! Thank you sir for the investment of your personality on us sir and showing us to follow our father and man of God. We celebrate you sir! #Revken19 #Canadaregion #cecalgarygroup

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Ooh I am ready! Its another level indeed! Am ready for the upgrade.... Glory to God!

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CELEBRATING FLAWLESSPSO Wow! Happy birthday esteemed Pastor. Its a joy to celebrate an excellent, perfect personality like you. Thank you ma for your training, consistent push, inspiring sessions, hardwork, dedication to produce results... oh I can go on and on. You are one of a kind ma. We celebrate your notable accomplishments and great results. I love you ma.

CELEBRATING MY DAD! When I look back and remember that little girl dressed as a flight attendant with the united airlines on that fateful day. She was at the Houston George Bush airport on her way to Chicago when the seed of your words changed her life ,purpose,plans and course forever. Sir, to say where would I have been is an understatement. Maybe I would have been in a flight that never made it to its destination... maybe I would be looking for purpose in my life... maybe, just maybe... Thank you sir for your teaching , training, making, giving me a family and most importantly thank you for showing me our dear Man of God and teaching me to follow our Pastor and prophet of our time. I join Heaven and the LW nation, Canada region, Calgary, My Family to celebrate you today sir. Thank you for impacting my life and the lives of many for good. I love you Sir. Revken918 #Canadaregion #cecalgarygroup

As a Christian, it’s important that you know how to take the life that God has given you seriously, and how to respond spiritually when certain things happen around you. This is why prayer is important. When we pray, something happens. He never told us to pray in vain. Whenever you have that urge to pray, don’t ignore it.

#HappeningToday THE LOVEWORLD LADIES NETWORK INAUGURAL CONFERENCE!!! It's a few hours to the much anticipated Loveworld Ladies Network Inaugural conference!!! 📅 🕗 8pm GMT +1, Today Friday 18th September and 🕖 7pm GMT +1 Saturday 19th September 2020. Get your devices ready, Invite other ladies and prayerfully prepare to recieve all God has in store for you through this meeting. #Cemidwestzone #LLN #LLNinauguralmeeting #LoveworldLadiesNetwork #TheNextBigThing

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Happy Birthday Exceptional Pastor Sola owokade, you are a precious pearl to us in the Loveworld Nation Thank you for your labour of love, especially in the RHAPSODY DEPARTMENT, and THE DIRECTOR, PASTOR YEMISI You are greatly appreciated I love dearly 😍💕🎈

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Today we celebrate an extraordinary General & pillar in God’s Kingdom! We thank the Father for granting this generation a Giant like you, Sir! Thank you for your relentless investments to spread the gospel around the world. Happy blessed birthday, dear highly esteemed Rev. Ken!

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Today we celebrate an extraordinary General & pillar in God’s Kingdom! We thank the Father for granting this generation a Giant like you, Sir! Thank you for your relentless investments to spread the gospel around the world. Happy blessed birthday, dear highly esteemed Rev. Ken!

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma We celebrate the grace and the glory of God upon you life Thank you so much ma for blessing us with the investment of your personality We love you so dearly ma #AutarkesPSO #FlawlessPSO #Solabration2020

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Happy birthday of Perfection Rev Ken. I join the host of Heaven and people all over the world to celebrate you for the great work you’ve done and continue to do in our region. We love you Sir. Thank you so much for all you do🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🥂 #revken918 #cecalgarygroup #cecanada

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HEART WORK SERIES 🛠 [EP.3] A TALE OF OUR SNATCHING AWAY Following our sudden snatch away from the earth, I decided to peep to see what was going in the earth and I saw👀 . I saw the sons of men wailing. They wailed because some knew something strange had happened while the others knew exactly what transpired. Of course, they had heard the news of how pastor Chris announced an incoming event that will catch away all those who believed and lived accordingly. They vehemently disagreed with pastor's predictions and chose to follow their own ways. Here it was just like the days of Noah. I saw the effects of disaster, I saw airplanes that had crashed because of their missing pilots, cars that had been damaged because their drivers suddenly disappeared. I saw husbands looking for their beloved, I saw mothers searching for their children, I saw sucklings crying for their mothers but they weren't found. “Where are they?” They wailed because they knew they had been left behind. I saw a dear brother who I knew, he was so sure he was coming with us on the first flight but alas we left him in the earth. He did not realize how terrible his idolatry was. He confessed Jesus as lord but his heart wasn’t right with God. He was a true idolater who worshipped himself and not God the creator(ADONAI). All along, he was diligently paying his lip service. He worshipped God with his lips but his heart was far from him (GOD). He never thought about the little fox in his vine. His abusive father he refused to forgive, his addiction he just couldn’t come out of. He thought God would understand but he had made a big mistake. FIND OUT HOW ALBERT FOUND HIMSELF IN THIS SITUATION IN THE NEXT EPISODE.

HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY!🥳💃🤗 It’s today! It’s the Healing Streams Live Healing Services! 👉 The day that many around the world have been waiting for is finally here! Healing Streams Live Healing Services (Day 1) kicks off in just a few hours from now. ✅To participate with your loved one and all your invitees, please visit: ✅ Send prayer requests to👇 ✅ You can set up a viewing center for the Live Healing Services. Send an email to ✅ Today, Friday 18th September 2020, 5PM (GMT+1). ✅ Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September 2020, 4PM (GMT+1) daily. Spread the NEWS! God bless you! #healingstreams #livehealingservice #healingisnow #healingtothenations

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HEART WORK SERIES [Ep.2] 🛠📌Welcome back! When God gave himself as a sacrifice in form of Jesus, the problem of sin was dealt with. When we present ourselves as a living sacrifice, the struggle with sin seizes to be. Don't forget that our gospel is a gospel of substitution.

⭕⚪⭕⭕⚪⭕⭕⚪⭕⭕⚪⭕⭕⚪⭕⭕⚪ Watch this video! As the Highly Esteemed Director of CELVZ, Rhapsody of Realities and LoveWorld Publishing Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu invites all our beautiful ladies to The LoveWorld Ladies Network Inaugural Conference! #lln #LLNinauguralMeeting #loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #TheNextBigThing

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HEART WORK SERIES [EP.1]🛠📌 A Christian struggling with sin? These are my thoughts towards you. As you know, we leave this earth real soon. Are you not tired of allowing satan keep you in a place of constantly begging for forgiveness? Don't you think it's time to focus on what God has called you to do? Is this not the hour to just walk away from sin and its conciousness in the name of Jesus? I am writing you just because YOU CAN, it is possible. SIN HAS BEEN DEALT WITH and DOESN'T HAVE POWER OVER YOU. Has this become your reality and day-to-day conciousness? Your real challenge is not sin neither is it the things you are doing wrong but your HEART. (Read yesterday's rhapsody of realities article) Where is your heart? Who owns your heart really? Let me mince it a little, What lingers in your mind every passing second? What do you spend most of your time doing? Who or what is controlling? Where does most of your resources/ money go to? After sincerely answering these questions, come back and read the next post.😁😁😁 With love Pastor Cynthia

RHAPSODY THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. Beyond what we can give, God wants our hearts. If he owns our heart really, he owns our lives. Most of the problems many experience especially Christians are problems of the heart. Their hearts have not been subdued/dominated by the word of God.

Happy Birthday Pastor 🤸‍♂️. Thank you for all you do for the gospel. #pcysaah0912 #cecalgarygroup #cecanada

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