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An all-expense paid trip to Egypt! 1. Purchase any Infinix Smartphone 2. Collect and fill the "Infinix Football Tour" raffle ticket 3. Take a picture of it and upload on any social media channel with the caption "I have qualified for the #InfinixFootballFrenzy raffle draw"

Pointek and Huawei is doing a fantastic give-away. * First 30 customers to buy the Y6 prime 2019 gets a FREE 1000 MTN voucher. * First 20 customers to buy the Huawei Y9 2019gets a FREE 2,000 MTN voucher. * First 10 customers to buy the Huawei Nova 3i gets a FREE weight Scale .

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Make the weekend getaway a memorable one by saving and sharing more videos and pictures with devices that fully supports you. Enjoy better efficiency with your #GalaxyA10NG and #GalaxyA20NG #Pointek #shoppointek #samsung #PhonesAndMore

COMMON PHONE BATTERY PROBLEMS Having a cell phone is great when you need to talk on the go, but if you have a faulty battery, then you may feel like you are chained to your phone’s charger. Many things can go wrong with a phone’s battery, from the so-called “memory effect” to plain-old worn out batteries. According to www.itstillworks.com, some issues can be corrected, but unfortunately, most will need to be addressed by replacement. MEMORY EFFECT The memory effect is a common issue in older cell phones that use a nickel-cadmium battery. This issue occurs when the user charges the battery before it has drained repeatedly, and the battery “remembers” the point at which it was prematurely drained and then only drains from that point onward (thus losing a portion of its full battery potential.) The memory effect is only present in older cell phones, so if you have one that was made in 2005 or before, you may know of it. To prevent the memory effect from occurring, make sure to deplete your battery as much as possible before charging it. OVERCHARGE Overcharge is a more common problem in modern cell phones. When you overcharge a battery, it means that you leave the phone on the charger after it has reached 100 percent. While leaving a battery on a charging station for a few hours after the charge has completed will not impact the battery too negatively, if you leave the battery on the charger for more than 24 hours you can overheat and permanently damage the battery. SELF-DISCHARGE Did you know that even if you do not use your phone, it still uses battery life? This phenomenon is known as self-discharge. If your phone is switched off all the time, the battery life is still being used. If you do not turn it on every few weeks and charge it, the battery will die permanently. If you have a cell phone that you only use in emergencies or are keeping “just in case,” it is a good idea to turn it on and charge it at least once a month to keep it from self-discharging the battery. AGED BATTERY All batteries have a certain lifespan, and after awhile you can expect them to degrade substantially. Most batteries (under normal circumstances) will last between two and three years and can handle about 500 charge cycles. If you start noticing marked battery loss after a comparable amount of time, it is probably due to your battery being old. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about a battery getting old, and if enough time has passed, you will need to replace it to ensure your phone continues functioning as it should. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR BATTERY To prevent most of these problems from happening, and to keep your phone’s battery from aging too quickly, the best thing to do is to make the most of your charging cycle. Try and run the batterydown as much as possible before plugging it in, and, if possible, unplug it as soon as it has finished charging. You can also reduce strain on your batteries (and thus reduce the number of charge cycles) by toggling settings like screen settings, vibrate function and Bluetooth wireless network connections. #POINTEK

HOW TO PUT iPHONE IN "RECOVERY MODE" USING iTUNES, AND REPAIR IT WHEN ITS MALFUNCTIONING. How to put your phone in recovery mode 1. On your computer, if you are already running iTunes, close the program. (It's not a bad idea to completely restart your computer before proceeding to be sure iTunes isn't still running in the background.) 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB connection cable. 3. Start iTunes on your computer. 4. Force restart your iPhone by following the steps outlined in our article, " How to restart and force-restart any iPhone model." 5. Don't release the buttons you're holding to force-restart the iPhone when you see the Apple logo. Continue to hold the buttons until you see the "connect to iTunes" screen. 6. On the computer, you should see a dialog box appear that says there is a problem with your iPhone. Click "Update." At this point, iTunes will try to repair the operating system without erasing any of the apps or data on the device. 7. If the update process fails, you can repeat the procedure, but this time choose to restore the phone instead of updating. This process will erase your apps and data, and you will need to choose to restore the phone to its factory state or restore a recent backup. After the update or restore process is complete, your phone should be repaired and it will exit recovery mode on its own. If it is still not working properly meaning that both the update and restore options failed then you are probably out of options you can perform at home, and you should have your phone serviced by Apple. NB: Visit the KingsChat shop for more enquiries. #pointek

The Future of 5G is here. Ever imagined having the whole world revolve right within your palm? Stick with this superuser for more updates. #POINTEK

POINTEK: Your home for smart phones!!! Pointek is a leading retailer and wholesaler of mobile phones, tablets, electronics, laptops and accessories. For enquiries, kindly call +2348077102491 or chat us up here @pointek. We are in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Infinix, Tecno, Blackberry, Huawei, HP, et al. We sell quality phones, laptops, accessories and electronics at best prices and offer after sales services...follow our superuser:POINTEK for more.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR DUPE ISESELE. Thank you so much ma for your love and inspiration. We love you now and always. Cheers!!!

#PressBriefing: Yesterday @pointekonline announced an initiative to train 1,000 gadget technicians. The event took place at its head office in Ikeja, Lagos. #Pointek #Tech #Entrepreneurship #SkillsAcquisition

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Chelsea haven’t won away to a top 6 side all season. Manchester United haven’t won at home to a top 6 side all season It's super Sunday in England guys. Drop your Predictions for the all important Top4 Derby in the comment section. #MUNCHE #Pointek #shoppointek #phonesandmore

Here are just a few reasons to upgrade to #redminote7 A better screen, a faster chip, a larger battery, a higher resolution camera. The Redmi Note 7 Grand Launch will be LIVE in POINTEK on the 6th of May. Don't Miss Out! #Pointek #48mpforeveryone #XiaomiNigeria #shoppointek

Happy Easter Celebration.

Any Pointek Fan 'Eggcited' to be part of this Easter Celebration? Show us your eggcitment via your ZANKU moves... Visit https://bit.ly/2ZaIg93 or Call/WhatsApp 08077102491 to get more information. . #Pointek #shoppointek #Easter2019 #Eggstravaganza #phonesandmore

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